What’s the Big Deal with Micah Adams?

Harbourfront Centre resident Micah Adams’ latest exhibit of work, which is a series of miniature dioramas, is currently on display as part of the 2010 Winter Exhibitions. We recently sat down with Micah and asked him, “What’s the Big Deal“?

Here’s what he had to say!
Micah Adams putting the finishing touches on his set-up before the exhibition’s opening reception.  Photo by: Riley Wallace

HFC- What was your inspiration for this series of work?

M- This series is an amalgamation of a few projects i have done in the past. They just started to overlap nicely. There was no specific moment when it started. It just evolved. The story of My Future Wife began a few years ago as matchbox dioramas, Small plastic figures intended for the model train industry were placed inside these matchbox scenes where the match sticks were used to make tiny wooden floors. I made up a character for one figure and dubbed her “my future wife” More recently I had made some fictional monuments, using bottle tops as bases or pedestals. And so these two projects became one project.

HFC – How does this compare to your regular style/work?M- These ideas are more subjective then most of my other projects, usually I would think my work is quite objective or systematic. This one is more narrative, unfamiliar and therefore produced problems and issues I wasn’t used to dealing with. I tried to make these pieces basically like illustrations.

Micah’s work is on display until April 4th at Harbourfront Centre. For hours and additional details about other works/artists on exhibition, visit here