Meet Mark Kasumovic

Everyday I receive invites to exhibitions. They are usually formatted as a postcard with an image on the front and the exhibition information on the back. It was from an invite to an exhibition that I first became aware of Mark Kasumovic’s work. Mark’s invite had a small image on the front which stopped me in my tracks. It was an image of the structure which holds up powerlines with a small group of people standing underneath it. On the back of postcard was the title of the exhibition I Can Hear You Humming. The next day I went to the gallery to check it out. (See images below)


Mark had photographed the powerlines which crisscross our landscape and to emphasize the size of these structures he composed the images so that the towers dominated the landscape. These structures are huge and they were just as imposing in Mark’s images as they are in real life. This was an exhibition about landscape but also about something more. How the powerline towers were photographed directed the reading of the images past pure landscape into the realm of social commentary. I called Mark and asked him to submit a proposal for the exhibition Beyond Imaginings.

When choosing artists for this exhibition I wanted artists who were connected to the subject. Artists that understood what the Greenbelt is all about. Artists that could create images that would give us a perspective that we wouldn’t expect. Artists that would take this opportunity to push themselves in new directions and create images that we would not forget. Mark is one of those artists.

Some of Mark’s  working photographs for this exhibition can be seen in the slide show below.


– Pat Macaulay, Head of Visual Arts