Camps, what Summer was made for!

On the third floor of the Harbourfront Centre, the Design Communications department – which houses the Social Media team – sits adjacent to the Harbourfront Camps department. This means that the sounds of ringing telephones and echoes from counselors’ walkie-talkies constantly berate our serene work environment. It was only a matter of time until Camps pervaded our psyche and we wrote an article about them. (Just for the record, here in Design Communications we love kids too.)

Harbourfront Camps is a HUGE organization, one of the biggest in Canada. There are approximately 45 camps running throughout the summer, with 1000 kids on the grounds at any one time. It’s a fantastic organization, catering to any kind of interest a child may have. There are Jr. Architects, Rock Camp, Pop Star Camp, Jr. Journalists, Jr. Interior Designers… really, the list goes on.

The staff at Camps is so dedicated and creative, they’ve actually invented games for the kids to play. I came across one while I was taking some promotional pictures around the site. It’s called DodgeRocket and it was created by Charlie. He’s the guy in the white Harbourfront shirt at the left of one of the pictures. The game combines Nerf foam-rockets with elements of Dodgeball, Cops and Robbers and even video-game features such as Star Power It’s truly an exciting game to watch, and judging by the smiles on the kids’ faces, it’s even more fun to play. When we do things here at the Harbourfront Centre, we do them right. Check out the pictures below.

– Jonathan Farkas