National S’mores Day

Ever since the recipe for “Some Mores” first appeared in the Girl Scouts handbook in 1927, S’mores have become a must for any campfire gathering. In case your not on the same page as me right now, a S’more is made by toasting a marshmallow over a campfire and squashing it between two graham crackers along with a piece of chocolate. The result is a delicious (although quite messy) treat.

What better way to commemorate such a great treat than by giving it it’s own day? That’s right! today (August 10th) is National S’mores Day, and Hershey’s was here at Harbourfront Centre to help us celebrate with style. The whole Social Media team was on hand to enjoy some yummy S’mores by the water. There are a few pictures below.

Happy S’mores Day!

– Riley Wallace

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