Mark Kasumovic talks phase 2

Photographer Mark Kasumovic recently spoke to Upfront about the second phase of his photographic journey through Ontario’s Greenbelt for the Beyond Imaginings exhibition. Here is what he had to say:

What area of the Greenbelt will you be exploring on your next trip?

I have mostly focused on areas that weren’t seeing a lot of action during the early spring months – places that really come alive in the summer. Once again, I tried to spread out and cover as much diversity as possible and went pretty deep into the Greenbelt.

Are you focusing on any different aspects of the Greenbelt this time?

The first round of shooting was spent figuring out how to approach this project, and I believe I finally focused my efforts on this second opportunity. While the intention of this second set of photographs – the interaction between the landscape and the people that populate it – remained the same, I tried to vary the imagery with different types of landscapes and interactions.

Is there anything you hope to gain from this experience that perhaps you missed out on during your last visit?

I have enjoyed every moment of working on this project and being able to continue and expand my ideas has been very rewarding. Creating more images within the framework that I established for the initial project was challenging, but a wonderful learning experience as always.

Were there any inspirations that you got from your last visit that will affect your approach to this next shoot?

The biggest change from the last shoot to this shoot was the degree in which I interacted with people in the photographs. Much of the first round of photographs were captured as I explored the areas and hoped for the best. This time I ended up following a few groups and actively sought out events that were going on within the greenbelt beforehand. While the end result looks quite similar, it was great meeting some of the people that either plan events or simply enjoy spending their time within the Greenbelt.