Dr. Jay De Soca Prince returns as the king of DJ Skate Night

Although Dr. Jay’s official handle is De Soca Prince, he’s arguably the king of his craft, regarded by many as Canada’s most prominent soca DJ.

His weekly radio show, Soca Therapy, consistently rates at the top of its time slot on Canadian airwaves, he’s twice been honoured International Soca DJ of the Year from the Soca Awards, and boasts a trophy case full of other awards that include Toronto DJ of the Year (1998-1999), Best Radio/Media Personality (2001-2004) and Flavor Pool DJ of the Year.

His passion for music began at a young age. His father is a drummer and vocalist, his uncle a founding member of the legendary group, Tradewinds. And although the young Dr. Jay loved all genres, it was soca that spoke to him the most.

“I feel like soca chose me,” he says.  “Soca is me. That’s my foundation. That’s my love. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Dr. Jay returns for another Soca on Ice as part of our DJ Skate Night series and Kuumba festivities. Those of you that were here last year know that it’s the hottest dance party on ice. And in case you missed out, here’s what you can look forward to.

We caught up with the good doctor for a quick chat and he assured us that he has the prescription for your winter blues. Check it out below.

Follow Dr. Jay on Twitter, and be sure to download his soca mixes from socatherapy.blogspot.com.

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