Dance Marathon returns to Harbourfront Centre to close our World Stage Season.

Everyone knows that dancing can be one of the most fun things to do whether it’s at a club, a party, a casual social gathering, in the bathroom in front of the mirror or at home in your underpants a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business. If none of these various flavors of dancing are your cup of tea, then don’t fret because we have something that might just do it for you.

Our friends at bluemouth inc. are once again bringing Dance Marathon to Harbourfront Centre (as a closing to the 2012 World Stage Season)! You better slap on your dancing shoes, which better be comfortable because we want to see how long you can last on the dance floor and if you have what it takes to dance with us for the entire night (with some well-deserved breaks of course).

Not only is it unbelievably fun but because of it’s 1920’s and 1930’s endurance contest roots, it’s an excellent way to both channel Van Halen and Dance The Night Away and get a sizeable amount of exercise in as well. its definitely more fun than grinding away at yourself at the gym!

we want everyone to come through and enjoy the phenomenon that is Dance Marathon one more time at Harbourfront Centre and would be honored to have you twisting, shaking and gyrating at Enwave Theatre on May 18th-19th, who knows you could be part of the winning couple, who will receive a prize.

Check out this clip on The National, which features Dance Marathon during their last run at Harbourfront Centre back in 2009:

Here is another great clip:

“***** Tremendous fun. Beg, borrow or steal
a ticket for this original, life-affirming show.”
– The Telegraph

“Widely acclaimed … a huge hit.’’
– The Guardian

Don’t miss out on this AMAZINGLY fun end to what has been a great season!

Dance Marathon
bluemouth inc. (Canada)
May 18-19 | 7pm