Uncharted Waters: Photographer Eamon Mac Mahon

A harbour can be simply defined as a place of refuge; sheltered and protected from weather. The artist Eamon Mac Mahon used this description as the starting point for his exploration of Toronto’s harbour. He has searched out the hidden spots where land and weather collide. Exploring the length of the Leslie Street Spit and out along the shore to the Scarborough Bluffs, he was able to see and understand the cause and effect of wind and waves. He stumbled upon man-made structures that were both permanent and temporary, placed to confront nature, but also to enjoy it. In all kinds of weather he saw people reveling in the pleasures of the living next to the lake. Through his wanderings, he discovered an active harbour that is always in transition, whether by natural forces or the activities of people. The images that he has created are an attempt to capture this movement.

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