Guest Blogger: Josie La Corte

Here at Harbourfront Centre, we’ve got resplendent and unbelievable staff who work very hard to make sure that all aspects of Harbourfront Centre continue to improve and grow. However, sometimes, we like to request the help of other spectacular individuals to help give a unique perspective to our viewers (like you reading this) so that they can stay engaged.

With Expression’s of Brazil coming up, we decided to recruit the help of spirited, up and coming fashion designer Josie La Corte. She’ll be acting as our guest blogger, interviewing the 3 fashion designers who will be showcasing their collections during the festival.

At the tender age of 20, Josie La Corte already has her own fashion line LiveToAspire in the works and has built up a nice buzz not only with her innovative pieces, but with her inspirational outlook on life. She’s also a recent graduate of Toronto’s Remix Project and a community leader, always looking for new experiences to spark her creativity and intensify her love for life.

You can find more about Josie at her website