Hey Canada, Wab Kinew wouldn’t mind being “your man on the side”

He’s a CBC TV reporter. Check. He’s a hip hop artist. Check. He was interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulos on The Strombo Show taking a hard stand on The Indian Act, Indian residential boarding school survivors, and CBC’s media representation of Aboriginal people. Check. Check. Check and Check.

Wab is one of tonight’s hosts for Planet IndigenUS’s Celebrating the Crossroads: Opening Night Spectacle. His gorgeous counterpart, Sarah Podemski, will help him introduce some major Canadian performers like Plex and George Leach and from New Zealand, girl band trio, Pacific Curls. The spectacle starts at 9 p.m. tonight at the WestJet Stage. Wab just got a bonus check on that one.

Going back to his “Strombo” interview, Wab says things like if we as Indigenous people living in Canada build up our economic base we can do what we want. What? What? He’s a journalist who studied economics? Check, check, check, check. He also says, “Economics trumps politics.” I think that’s my new bumper sticker. Check, check.

Wab Kinew would make a good man on the side, Canada. Take it from this Anishinabe kwe, Wab Kinew, “a curly-haired Ojibwe” from Winnipeg can be my “man on the side” any time.