Lord Kitchener Tribute featuring Moses Revolution

This year at Island Soul we will be celebrating the life and work of Lord Kitchener (Aldwyn Roberts) who was one of the world’s most influential calypsonians. You have definitely heard his music. He composed this:

Lord Kitchener is an especially important figure to celebrate outside the Carribean because he was so important to the early West Indian expat community. He arrived in England in 1948 aboard the Empire Windrush, which carried the first West Indian immigrants to the UK after World War 2, and had immediate success within the community and was instrumental in introducing calypso to the English. His songs kept the expat community in the UK connected with their culture, celebrated island life, and most importantly trumpeted the West Indian cricket victory over the UK.

Kitch returned to Trinidad in 1962 and dominated the calypso scene for the next two decades. He was a carnival staple, winning the road match more times than any other calysonsian and nurturing the talent of a new generation of artists.

The Lord Kitchener tribute will be performed by Toronto based Moses Revolution. We asked the band a few questions about Lord Kitchener and their experiences here at Harbourfront.

How did Moses Revolution come together?

We came together because of the need to supply a professional caribbean ensemble encompassing all genres of Caribbean music.

You are participating in a tribute to Lord Kitchener. How has he inspired your sound?

As a Canadian born in Trinidad, Kitchener had a great influence in my early years. He was called the grand master of calypso because of his ability to provide harmonious melodies and great lyrics which has been the catalyst for many successful musicians today.

Are you working on any projects right now?

We are presently in the studio recording for our 11th anniversary in September and doing a canadian tour with Calypso Rose

What does Island Soul mean to you?

Island Soul is very dear to my heart because of their willingness to promote Caribbean music to main stream canada at a great venue for free. I have played Island Soul quite a few times and always had a great experience and must mention a very professional staff

Check out the Lord Kitchener tribute, featuring Moses Revolution, Friday, August 3, 2012 at 8:30PM on the Westjet stage!