Planet IndigenUS – Red Hot Nights

Things are heating up at Planet IndigenUS with Red Hot Nights, an evening of burlesque and humour accompanied by the sensuous and primal music of Inuit singer Tanya Tagaq. Kitsuné Soleil (Scarlett Behave) is the matron of Cat’s Caboose Cabaret, the burlesque troupe that will be stealing your heart tomorrow night. Kitsuné was kind enough to answer a few questions for us before tomorrow’s sizzling show.

Photo credit – Anton Pletnoff

Tell us about Cat’s Caboose Cabaret?

The CCC burlesque is a mixture of cabaret performers with a lot of reoccurring people, but we do allow some stray cats to come to our shows and strut with us on stage. We like a little of both worlds with our delicate flirtation to right in your face and cover your mouth boldness that comes out in our confidence on stage and through our burlesque aliases.

How did you get involved with the group?

I am the matron of this troupe, performing as Scarlett Behave. I’ve always dreamed of putting together a burlesque troupe and since moving to Toronto a little over a year ago, I’ve been the driving force behind promoting us, making event posters, doing most of the choreography, and creating all of our nipple pasties for our shows (which, btw, is an art on it’s own). I really enjoy the art form of burlesque because it gives me a chance to be powerful and let my creativity shine through my saucy ideas. I can’t help being cute and I use this as my outlet!

What do you have planned for Saturday night?

For Saturday night, your eyes will be feasted and your hearts will be stolen. I’m starting the night off with my “Teddy Bear Picnic” solo where I go on a date with my handsome bear. What seems like an innocent tea party to a slow reveal for my “date”. Then we have a dominatrix/servant a la Bettie Page routine, where one of us serves to the other’s needs; whether it be using a spanking stick to being blindfolded. Then just for some extra spice, for the ladies, we have a handsome stud in red with some Spanish flare. Who knows, maybe there will be a bit of interaction with the crowd.

Come check out Red Hot Nights for FREE Saturday, August 18, from 11:00PM – 2:00AM. Make sure you get here early to get a spot.