TAWNTO Fashion Spoiler Alert

Fashionista Charm Logan is at it again. This Saturday at 3 p.m. in the WiijiiNiijii Lodge, she will be revealing an artistic approach with her shoe samples. See photo for Spoiler Alert. The shoe samples are selected from her Giizis Biish (Sun and Water) 2013 Collection. Her artwork on the shoes is very sexy.

Charm will be having pop-up boutiques in partnership with the Toronto Free Gallery, 1277 Bloor St. West, starting in September. At the Free Gallery, you can do a weekend of shopping and fashion parties with cocktail hours and TAWNTO gifts for the ladies. TAWNTO is meant “For the Brave, the Bold, and the Beautiful.”

Speaking of brave, bold, and beautiful, Bruno Henry will also be showing in the WiijiiNiijii Lodge with Charm’s TAWNTO. A self-taught designer working with deer and moosehide, Bruno brings an urban edge to traditional ideas. You’re sexy and you know it, when you wear his ensembles which are cut just so to reveal all that in a tasteful way.

The Native Fashion Show will be hosted by moi and the beautiful Victoria Vaughan. We want to see all you sexy people there.