TBW Storms Toronto

I’m in the room with The Breaking Wind (TBW) band. We’re at their stylist’s house in Milton, ON. Darko Dan, a Billy Bob Thornton look-alike and the band’s photographer, and Sarah Smith, stylist, are having a debate over plaid. In the end, a plaid shirt gets rejected by Darko Dan because it doesn’t say to him, “I’m gonna play music that’s going to kick your a**.” Tomorrow , Sunday, at 2 p.m., in the WiijiiNiijii Lodge at Harbourfront’s Planet IndigenUS, The Breaking Wind will play original rock music that will kick some a**.

Together now for almost 8 years, TBW band members, Marty Isaacs (lead guitar), Ryan Johnson (bass), and Ryan Mickeloff (drummer) are young but definitely experienced. This summer, they’ve been working at Iguana Studios in Toronto on their new CD, Two Suns. The CD’s title is inspired by the two suns that shone on the homeworld, Tatooine, of Star War’s Luke Skywalker. Marty, writer of the CD’s title song, says that his intentions were to render a small town type of feel – lonely and grounded – like Tatooine. After their Planet IndigenUS concert, the band will give away posters.

Two Suns also is reflective of who these guys are. Marty and Ryan J are from the Six Nations of the Grand River and Ryan M is from nearby Caledonia. This fall, Ryan J and Marty will attend Mohawk College while Ryan M attends Grade 12. TBW is three small town guys with no axes to grind except when reverb is called for.