Uncharted Waters – Annaleise is swimming across Lake Ontario!

Annaleise Carr, the subject of one of Clare Samuel‘s fantastic portraits, will be swimming across Lake Ontario tomorrow at 6:30pm. This, obviously, is a pretty impressive feat. It’s over 50km from her starting point in Niagara on the Lake to the end point near Exhibition Place. And she’ll be doing it at night, in the dark. And Lake Ontario is part of the “Still Water 8”, the eight toughest marathon lake-swims in the world, renowned for it’s quickly changing currents and temperatures. And, most impressively, Annaleise is only 14 YEARS OLD. We chatted with Annaleise at the opening for Uncharted Waters about her upcoming swim and her portrait.

Annaleise is doing this swim to support Camp Trillium, a camp for kids with cancer. If you would like to donate check out THIS PAGE HERE, and check out Annaleise’s website for up to date information about her journey.