Learn To Skate Quick Tip: Lacing Up

Whether you’re new to skating or you’ve been at it for years, the way your skates fit can have a huge impact on how you move on the ice. Skates are designed to hold you up, which is half the battle if you’re new to skating, and a proper fit with tight laces can help to ensure your skates are doing their job.

Getting it right is a bit different from the way most of us wear our shoes, so watch as our Learn to Skate team will walk you through the steps. At Learn to Skate, we teach over 100 different classes for tots, kids, teens, and adults, and we spend a lot of time tying and re-tying skates. So whether you’re headed down to the Natrel Rink for lessons or out to your local arena for some fun, make sure you have the right fit and are laced up and ready to go!