Learn to Skate Quick Tip: Falling

Everyone falls from time to time, whether you’re new to skating or have been lacing up for years! While most of us don’t like landing on the ice, knowing how to fall safely (and, of course, how to get back up) can help prevent skating injuries, especially in adults. To build good habits, we recommend wearing a helmet and practicing safe falling every time you lace up your skates. The key to avoiding an injury when you fall is not to fight the fall, and the more you practice, the more comfortable you will be.

Falling is scary for most of us, so watch as our Learn to Skate team walks you through the steps.

At Learn to Skate, we teach over 100 different classes for tots, kids, teens, and adults, and we teach every single participant how to fall and stand back up safely—it’s that important! So whether you’re headed down to the Natrel Rink for lessons or out to your local arena for some fun, take the fear out of falling!