Queens Quay Construction Update Feb. 25-Mar. 1

The 509 Harbourfront TTC bus stop on Queens Quay at York Street (westbound) will remain in the centre travel lane, just east of the traffic signal at York Street. This bus stop is expected to be moved back to the north curb lane in the first week of March.

The demolition of the remaining portion of TTC streetcar track from the portal ramp to 55 Harbour Square has been completed and backfilled. The repaving of this section with asphalt will occur this week.

Construction of the new parking lay-by on the west side of York Street south of Harbour Street has continued and is expected to be paved and completed this week.

Crews continue with construction of the new sanitary sewer west of the York Street and Queens Quay intersection on the north side.  This work involves saw-cutting, excavation and installation of the new concrete pipe line.  These activities will be on-going for several months as crews move west from York Street.

Toronto Hydro (PLP) crews continue to work in a number of locations along Queens Quay.