Special Construction Notice

Minor Change to Queens Quay TTC Stop at York Street

Effective Friday, February 8 at 6am, the 509 Harbourfront TTC bus stop on Queens Quay at York Street will be relocated to the northeast side of the intersection (curbside). The bus stop is currently located in the centre travel lanes just west of the York Street intersection.

The TTC stop is being moved to enable crews to work on new sanitary infrastructure on the northside of Queens Quay west of York Street.

What to Expect
Between Bay Street and York Street, there will be two lanes of westbound traffic on the northside of Queens Quay. The westbound 509 Harbourfront bus will stop along the northside curb lane just east of the York Street traffic light to pick-up and drop-off passengers.  Passengers will board or disembark from the sidewalk. Appropriate TTC signage will be posted to alert customers of the change.

There are no other changes to the 509 Harbourfront bus service at this time. The bus stop at Lower Simcoe Street will remain in the newly repaved area in the centre of Queens Quay and the stop at Rees Street will remain curbside.