Q-Rock the Toronto Bronx Native

Hip hop culture has always been open to the integration of different musical styles, techniques, genres, developments and changes. Widely recognized as a powerful and universal tool for unifying people of all classes, ages and races, the culture has seen different people from all over the globe use it as a form of expression, empowerment and communication. MC/dancer Q-Rock has used the five elements to infuse his culturally rich music and unique perspective, as a Nipissing, Ontario native, into the urban scene. He delivers a whole new take on the direction of hip hop culture, not only through his respect and honouring of the hip hop pioneers, but also through his coupling of the elements with his traditional Anishnawbe values. This can be seen/heard with his latest project, Smoke Signals, which is currently available on iTunes. You can catch Q-Rock this Friday at the Enwave Threatre as co-host of the Beat Nation All Styles Dance Battle alongside Benzo.

Beat Nation, currently on at The Power Plant, is a showcase of art, hip hop and Aboriginal culture. The exhibition brings together artists from across the continent – from the West Coast as far north as Alaska and Nunavut, as far east as Labrador and south to New Mexico – and reveals the shared connections between those working in vastly different places. It runs through until May 5th. For additional info and related events visit here.