FIXT POINT share their thoughts on The Big Idea: Legacy

The Big Idea is a lens. It is a way of seeing. It is a window and a platform for you to explore Harbourfront Centre’s diverse programming.

In our 40th anniversary year at Harbourfront Centre, we are exploring The Big Idea: Legacy. Legacy is the essential contribution of the past that acknowledges the present. It is a magnificent merging of past desire and future promise. In legacy the past and present come together to create fundamental meaning.

Look for the symbol above as you make your way through Harbourfront Centre to see how The Big Idea: Legacy manifests itself in our artists’ work.

Meet Fixt Point

FIXT POINT is a theatre and media company based in Toronto. Their latest project The Tale of Harbourfront Centre launches online starting April 1 as part of World Stage. Here are Lisa Marie DiLiberto and Charles Ketchabaw’s thoughts on The Big Idea: Legacy.

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What does legacy mean to you?

Legacy means the passing on of tradition. Leaving a lasting impression that becomes part of what comes next.

How does legacy manifest itself in your work?

In our work, legacy is connected to memory and nostalgia. What we collectively remember becomes the legacy of a certain time and place. It is this piece of memory that we aspire to capture and share through our work.

Whose legacy has influenced you?

The legacy of Jumblies Theatre and how they engage with community through the arts continues to influence our approach to creating with communities and telling tales in grand yet accessible ways.


What is your Legacy? What does Legacy mean to you? And how have you experienced Legacy at Harbourfront Centre? Tell us how The Big Idea: Legacy has manifested itself in your experience. Tweet us at @HarbourfrontTO to join the conversation.

Keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts, programming and artist interviews highlighting The Big Idea: Legacy throughout our 40th Anniversary Year.

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