The 2014 HATCH season is almost underway

We are just a couple of weeks away from the first presentation of the 2014 HATCH season. Under the guidance of Guest Curators, Michael Wheeler and Aislinn Rose of Praxis Theatre, this season’s focus is on the meeting of performance and online technology.

The artists have been documenting their progress and creative process in a series of blog posts on

Rob Kempson is working with three women over the age of 65 to explore the idea of #legacy. Why do we look to leave things behind and how does this apply to the online world? His collaborators have been exploring Twitter with some trepidation and insightful discoveries.

Melissa D’Agostino has shared entertaining and intimate aspects of her creative process in her posts about BroadFish. Her work aims to explore the thin line between reality and fantasy, relationships and romance, and the power of myth in our everyday lives. Her exploration of the word ‘Broad’ in the Urban Dictionary is both enlightening and horrifying and her debate about feminism and body dysmorphic disorder during the wedding preparation process is a vulnerable and inviting view into her work for this project.

Francisco Fernando Granados‘ project was inspired by the discovery of text in an ESL workbook that was taken, without approval, from an interview he gave to the Vancouver Sun as a Guatemalan immigrant.  With The Ballad of Student_____B, he is working to address migration politics through a collaboration with the public via an interactive script. His posts have explored the personal and political issues behind the piece as well as the inspiration for the virtual participation with the audience.

Digital Black Box is bringing motion capture technology to the stage with the adventurer astronaut Caleb Smith and his ship’s artificial intelligence engine ISMEE in Faster Than Night. Their posts have explored the wonders of facial capture technology, the challenging astronaut test and some twitter sourced suggestions for space ready food.

Be sure to follow the continuing posts on as we approach the HATCH presentation dates.

You can also follow the season on Twitter at #HatchTO
For tickets call 416.973.4000 or visit

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