Flee the Ordinary and Find Something Extraordinary at the Leslieville Flea

It’s an itch.

It started somewhere in the back of your mind during Toronto’s frigid winter, but has blossomed into something that desperately needs to be scratched. Doctors, who’ve attributed this itch to an individuals need to experience something new and exciting, have tried and failed at prescribing something to counteract it.

With Torontonians on the verge of their darkest hour, breaking news from Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre has shone a bright light on a permanent relief: The Leslieville Flea.

Starting June 1, and taking place on the first Sunday of every month this summer, the Leslieville Flea will bring an eclectic mix of vendors to the North Exhibition Common area of Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre.

Underneath the pristine summer sky you’ll be swept up in the passionate sense of community that is synonymous with the Leslieville Flea. Best of all, you’ll be introduced to some of the most unique and extraordinary items in Toronto, which is guaranteed to relieve that persistent itch.


L-R: MikaFleur Design and Pottery, Bremen Blue.

The Leslieville Flea at Harbourfront Centre
June 1-September 7, 2014