When will pigs really fly?

Having dedicated years of the study in the field of astr’oink’onomy, Astronaut Pig Hadfield will attempt to answer one of life’s deepest questions: “When will pigs really fly?”

Canadian Comedy Award winning performer Freddie Rivas is presenting his latest piece, a Harbourfront Centre commission, When Pigs Fly… Into Alien Spaceships during HarbourKIDS: The Toronto International Circus Festival this month. Best known for his monthly show Rapp Battlez, and his short puppetry film B Yo Self, this latest production focuses on courage, friendship and new experiences as Pig Hadfield explores a foreign planet after colliding with a UFO during a routine mission.

Freddie and Pig Hadfield recently chatted with our blog about space exploration and more. Check out the interview below.

When Pigs Fly… Into Alien Spaceships!
Freddie Rivas
May 17 – 19, 2014
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