The story of our universal connection to water

For its 25th anniversary season, Ballet Creole presents Agua Como Vida, featuring the modern and contemporary traditions of artistic director Patrick Parson and associate choreographer Gabby Kamino. Kamino’s background in dance, math and figure skating (she was a World Team Choreographer for Canadian National Figure skating Association and Olympic Competitors) influences and informs her present day work. Agua Como Vida tells the story of our universal connection to water. We spoke with Patrick Parson on the concepts behind Agua Como Vida and the influence his associate choreographer had on the production.

What is Agua Como Vida?
Agua Como Vida looks at ups and downs, and the philosophy of water and flow. This area of the world is connected to another area of the world because there is no separation of water. We as humans are made up of water, and sustenance and the continuation of growth are the concepts I am using for this ballet.

What style of dance is performed in Agua Como Vida?
It is a modern dance within a contemporary context with traditional influence. Traditional dance is changing all the time. What is modern today is traditional at the same time and what is contemporary today is traditional as well. Ballet draws from the world of dance and music to tell a story.

With there be live elements of music?
This ballet will have live accompaniment. When people think of traditional dance they think just percussion, but this ballet will have melodies. We have a vocalist that will not only be singing and chanting but presenting words in a very poetic and musical way.

Who is Gabby Kamino to Ballet Creole?
Our associate choreographer Gabby just kind of ended up in my neck of the woods, which I take as a blessing because she complements Ballet Creole, which has presented 25 years of work in the dance world,  as a whole. She is also a mathematician and very calculated while working, whereas I work with the rhythm. She is very emotional in her presentation and I bring out these emotions through music and physicality and that is how we complement each other. 

Agua Como Vida runs Friday, April 17 to Saturday, April 18 at Fleck Dance Theatre. Get your tickets here.