Put your hands together for the top five finalists in the SoundClash Music Awards

The shortlist for the SoundClash Music Awards have been announced and it’s music to our ears. With a range of cutting-edge artists and sounds from across the GTA, their performances on July ­­­11 at the Party on the Block festival will be sure to impress all music enthusiasts from a diversity of genres.

Let’s meet our finalists:

Above Top Secret
Genre: Rap Electro Dub Hop
Members: Ayo Leilani, Tee Fergus and Sunsun
Random fact: The trio is formerly know as Abstract Random… literally so random!
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Clairmont The Second
Genre: Hip-Hop
Member: Clairmont
Random fact: Clairmont is only 17 and an accomplished artist as well as a producer
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Genre: New Wave Pop
Members: Alt Altman
Random fact: Hated synths and electronic music as a teenager.
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L Con
Genre: Sparse experimental disco space folk
Members: Lisa Conway, Mary Wood, Sophie Traub and Andrew Collins
Random fact: Lisa and Sophie both worked at the popular Toronto vegetarian restaurant Fresh
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Ronley Teper’s Lipliners
Genre: Eclectic Nu-freak Folk
Members: Ronley Teper, Tim Posgate, Christine Bougie, Nick Fraser, Sam McClellan aka Vivienne Wilder, Caleb Hamilton, Beth Washburn, Karyn Ng, Gordan Hyland and Aly Livingston
Random fact: Ronley Tepper is also a puppeteer
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Don’t miss the SoundClash performances on July 11 at Party on the Block. Following the concert the audience will have one week to vote online which act should be crowned the SoundClash champion.