Meet members of our great Camps team

Harbourfront Centre’s annual Camps programme attracts more than 1,000 children each year. Behind the crowds of enthusiastic participants is a team of equally enthusiastic and passionate staff who are dedicated to making each camp experience a success.

Here we meet four long-standing members of the camp community who now work as part of our organization – Kayla, Nate, Maddy, Eugene – and find out a little more about what motivates them to be part of the camp experience:

What do you enjoy most about working with kids?
Maddy: I love working with kids first and foremost because they are hilarious! They look at life the way that I want to look at life – always finding the fun in any activity or situation.

Did you attend summer camp as a child?
Kayla: Of course! I attended Harbourfront Centre Camps as a child for Circus Camp and Creative Arts. I even returned to the Counsellor-in-Training programme when I was a teenager!

Do you have any funny experiences that you would be willing to share with us?
Kayla: During my university career, I met someone who looked so familiar but I somehow could not place her. Finally, four years later, we realized that we had gone to camp at Harbourfront Centre together years and years ago!

How do you think your experiences at camp shaped who you are today?
Maddy: I can say with 100% certainty that my experiences at camp have completely shaped the person I am today. Camp was a place where I felt totally comfortable to be myself without any judgment or fear of failure. I attribute so many of the characteristics I use to describe myself now to my time at camp.

Camp Counsellors have a lasting impact on the campers that they lead. What makes you a good role model?
Eugene: It’s our commitment to the core principles of Respect, Responsibility and Rights – our three R’s. With that said, we all work to establish the behaviour we expect in others by demonstrating it ourselves.

What is your favourite part of being a member of Harbourfront Centre Camp Staff?
Nate: Each and every facet is packed full of variety and diversity! All of the camp directors and counsellors come from a myriad of backgrounds and skill sets and it is amazing to watch them grow and learn from each other. This energy is passed on to campers  from diverse backgrounds who come from all over Toronto. Add in the multitude of programmes available and you get a catalyst for amazing things to happen.  Each day is new, fun and exciting, and that makes coming to work every day a joy!

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