Summer fun begins when we unplug


In a world where we’re increasingly hooked to the latest digital device – a recent study reported that more than a third of Canadian children sleep with their cellphone – we welcome any opportunity for a technological detox for our kids. That’s why Harbourfront Centre’s popular Summer Camps offer a range of activities that aim to do just that.

To give you an idea of how our Summer Camps can benefit your kids, we asked four current staff members, who are also former long-time campers, to share their top reasons for attending camp:

“There are a number of benefits to unplugging from technology. One of the many things camp does well is to provide immersive experiences that make this easy by replacing the role of technology with a safe, supportive and inclusive environment. Our staff are dedicated to ensuring that the campers are having fun and developing positive relationships within our own real-life “social network” – known otherwise as, camp.”
Eugene, Camps Coordinator

“At camp a child has an opportunity to discover who they really are through “off-line” interaction with their peers. They get a chance to try on different “hats” and see which skills, leadership qualities, and personality traits fit best. This positive environment allows them to try, possibly fail, and then try again. At camp, everyone fits, and that is what allows confidence and independence to begin to grow!”
Nate, Assistant Camps Coordinator

“Many campers opt for our marine camps, and take part in activities like kayaking and sailing. Being solo in the kayak or on the sailboats requires campers to be self-reliant and independent while learning a new skill set. This confidence translates into many other aspects of their personal lives, as well as in the classroom, and gives them the self-assurance to try new things and conquer new fears.”
Kayla, Registrar

Most importantly, our camps provide the opportunity for children to grow and develop with their peers in a positive environment – away from the pressures of school or social media. “I believe you can see changes in every child from when they first arrive at camp and when they leave, whether they are big or small,” notes Office Administrator, Maddy. “Generally I find that kids seem more confident and open to trying new things when they leave.” 

And Eugene agrees: “Harbourfront Centre Camps promotes challenge-by-choice; in new experiences, in forging new relationships and active participation in the learning process. We work hard to create a safe, inclusive and caring environment where campers will have the opportunity to learn a little more about themselves and what they can achieve if they only try.”

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