Kids First Fund: Summer Boredom Busters!

Last week, Harbourfront Centre Summer Camps were off to a roaring start. Over the summer, we will host more than 7,000 fresh-faced youth, ages 4–15, looking for fun and enrichment on the waterfront.

Harbourfront Centre Camps provide a unique setting in which learning and fun intersect, and important life skills are honed. A special group of campers will be arriving all summer long thanks to the incredible generosity of donors to the Kids First Fund, a Harbourfront Centre partnership that helps make attending our camps possible.

The Kids First Fund provides a financial subsidy to assist families whose financial or family circumstances make it difficult to afford a camp experience for their children. Social service agencies, family physicians and parents themselves can apply for a subsidy. Kids First gives children the opportunity to attend a full range of specialized camps—from dance to photography, to science, to sport—that they would not otherwise be able to afford. For parents on a limited budget, the fund helps save on summer childcare costs that would otherwise eat away at precious family savings.

Children may come from all walks of life and circumstances, but they all have one thing in common—an enthusiasm for camp and the opportunities it brings to enrich their summer.

Parents whose children participate in Kids First tell us that they value the financial support the program offers. They also appreciate the strong community ties it creates and the sense of belonging it delivers. They are grateful for the opportunities that their child is given to socialize, hone an existing skill or learn an entirely new one, or simply enjoy the great outdoors. They feel their children are safe at Harbourfront Centre and value the professionalism and care our staff provides.

One parent writes, “our son’s eyes light up whenever we take him to paddle a canoe at Harbourfront Centre,” an activity that was introduced to him when he was a Kids First Camper at Canoe Camp. But the benefits of this learning experience didn’t stop there. After being shown how to canoe by the son, the whole family now enjoys a new outdoor activity.

Harbourfront Centre is a registered charity. We would like to extend a special thanks to all of our Kids First donors. Whether you designated a gift to this program directly, or chose to add a gift to your own child’s registration to ensure another deserving child could come to Harbourfront Centre Camps, your contribution will truly make a difference this summer. Thank you!