Explore the diversity of global Africa at Habari Africa

This weekend, celebrate the diversity of African culture through music, dance, film, fashion and more as Habari Africa returns for its third year.

Music: Listen and create
West African artists Djely Tapa, Cour des Grands and Blandine Mbiya rock the festival stage all weekend long. But don’t just listen to exciting music, make it! Our djembe drum and “Sing Africa” workshops will teach you the intricacies of African music and instruments.

Fashion: Get your fix of African style
Learn about the rich history and culture of African head wraps at our Sangele workshop, including neat techniques for sporting them in various styles.

The kaBAH-kaBAHS Collections Fashion Show features African fashion from their 2016 line. Take in the colourful display of ethnic and modern couture, fashion wear and accessories. And if you see something you like, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Our vendors, located in our outdoor marketplace, will be selling all sorts of African clothing, accessories and other products all weekend long. Don’t miss out on the boutique finds!

Dance: Move to the beat
Love to dance? Learn the various dance styles of Ethiopia, Angola and South Africa at our dance workshops.

Love to watch dance? Enjoy the many vibrant and vivacious dance performances taking place all weekend long including the debut of The Yebo Dance Collective‘s new work, Amadiozi.