TAIWANfest – A Cultural Tango with Hong Kong

Rediscover what defines Asia at TAIWANfest 2016! This year’s celebration features Hong Kong in a cultural tango showcasing stories and icons through music, arts, games and activities, and even a Pan-Asian culinary competition all designed to spice up your summer!

Since 2006 TAIWANfest has brought Taiwanese culture to the heart of downtown Toronto. The festival has explored themes ranging from the very ethnic “Ho-Hai-Yan Taiwan!” to the deeply inspiring “Torch of Hope”. For its 11th year the festival has announced its Dialogues with Asia series to bring other Asian cultures to the forefront.

In an intimate Cultural Tango, this year’s event invites visitors to better understand two of the most often overlooked cultures of the Chinese-speaking world.

Spicing it up this year is the International Pan-Asian Culinary Invitational where chefs use fusion cuisine to battle it out for the title of “Best Cut”! For something a little more tame, step up to the World Café and have a taste of the most popular street foods from two of the most densely populated capitals in the world! If food isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you’re always welcome to check out the Grand Tea Reception at the North Orchard where Canadian Nick Fothergill’s Eco-Cha will teach you the delicate mysteries of the world of loose leaf tea!

There will also be plenty of activities to encourage visitors to learn by doing! Between Chinese Chess on the Fly, the Marine Exchange, Mahjong: 13 vs 16, and even the Rubber Band Games, find yourself deep within the Heart of Asia without ever boarding a plane!

Of course, it wouldn’t be TAIWANfest without live performances! The three day festival is kicked off by Ken Hsieh and the TAIWANfest Orchestra in a symphonic tribute to legendary icons Leslie Cheung and Teresa Teng. Personifying the festival’s statement that “Appreciating our heritage should never be about limiting our creativity for the future,” Taiwan’s first ambient, glitch, EDM band Utopia and the singularly unique fusion of funk, jazz, and disco (among others!) of Cosmos People are ready and eager to show you the future of Taiwanese music.

So dig out those dance shoes Toronto! It’s time for a Cultural Tango with Hong Kong – join us to explore the historical past, examine the complex present, and dream together for the bright future August 26th to 28th!