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Harbourfront Centre’s School Visits programme is a full day learning experience for students from kindergarten to grade 12. Students are invited to take part in programming across the arts world and beyond, from visual arts and media studies, to performing arts and urban studies. Visiting school groups can enjoy a full-day program, or combine two half-day programmes to make up …

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Meet the Teachers: Paulina and Tim

At School Visits, we believe that learning is an ongoing form of personal growth and development that can take place beyond the classroom setting. Using our 10-acre site, our contemporary galleries, craft studios, and our theatres as well as our downtown streets, School Visits is a unique setting for dialogue, engagement and imagination. We aim to create positive experiences for …

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An “average” day in Outdoor Education at Harbourfront Centre

Every Spring, our School Visits team takes an outdoor perspective with the return of our ever-popular Outdoor Education programme. Featuring a combination of on land and on the water activities, roughly 3500 students got outside and enjoyed our great programmes last year!

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