Book your all-inclusive Caribbean getaway with Harbourfront Centre this long weekend


Harbourfront Centre is pulling out all the stops for our much-anticipated summer festival Island Soul and ensuring you get a once-in-a-lifetime all-inclusive Caribbean package, minus the travel time and passport. It’s a four-day celebration on the shoreline of Lake Ontario that includes free music, free dance, free games and so much more. Only available August 1–4!
Upgraded packages are available ($).

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Leslieville Flea returns to Harbourfront Centre this weekend


The next Leslieville Flea at Harbourfront Centre takes place this Sunday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Here are some of the fantastic vendors that will be joining us.

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Edwin Yearwood & Krosfyah will have “de Vibe Feeling Right” for one night at Harbourfront Centre


Harbourfront Centre’s popular Island Soul festival, which brings the Caribbean legacy to the shores of Lake Ontario, kicks off its four-day festival (August 1–4) with a concert not to be missed: Edwin Yearwood & Krosfyah.

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Vendors to look out for during Classical VI: Voice & Strings


This weekend at Harbourfront Centre, get ready to discover the diversity of voices and strings at our Classical VI festival! Classical VI aims to explore the unique ability of classic sounds to transcend centuries, continents and all cultures — from opera to sufi, from Andalusia to Africa, from Welsh valley choirs to Turkish folk. Classical VI re-conceptualizes our understandings of the Classical imaginary, and presents the prosperity of its endless potential and possibilities, through traditional, fusion and modern practices. The following are some of the vendors we will be showcasing at our Lakeview Market and World Café alongside our Classical VI festival.

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String together the perfect weekend


Sometimes the sounds of the city can leave you strung out, longing for inner peace. Most people think they need to leave the city to find this tranquility. But what if I told you that you can find relief from the city’s hustle and bustle without escaping the 416? Would you believe me?

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Jessica Stuart shares her thoughts on The Big Idea: Legacy


In our 40th anniversary year at Harbourfront Centre, we are exploring The Big Idea: Legacy. Legacy is the essential contribution of the past that acknowledges the present. It is a magnificent merging of past desire and future promise. In legacy the past and present come together to create fundamental meaning.

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Stay Classy at Harbourfront Centre’s Classical VI


In the words of Anchorman Ron Burgundy, “Stay Classy” and add a little more  culture to your life at Harbourfront Centre’s Classical VI: Voice & Strings festival, from July 25 to 27. We are taking you on an all-expenses paid classical music world tour and promise to have you back in time for work on Monday. Take the time to experience the global classical music scene.

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Vendors to look out for during the Habari Africa festival


It’s impossible to define what exactly African culture, music, food, film, fashion and art is. Join us at the Harbourfront Centre for a weekend of exploration and engagement with the art, sounds and tastes of Africa. Habari Africa will feature a mix of traditional, fusion and emerging music and dance styles performed by Canadian and international touring groups, as well as spoken word, theatre, poetry, various workshops and so much more! As always our Lakeview Market and World Café will be present during the celebration, and we are excited to have Curls With Care, African Drums and Crafts, Knowledge Bookstore, Moto Hot Sauce, and Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant joining us!

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Music with a mission: The Wake Up Madagascar tour takes the stage at Harbourfront Centre


When it comes to planning our summer festivals, we have an “essentials” list that we tend to stick to. First and foremost on this list is our attendees – can we truly have a good celebration without you? The answer is obviously “no.” But in order to attract you to our festivals, we need to give you something to look forward to. That’s where item number two on our “essentials” list comes into play: the events.

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Sweet victories at Harbourfront Centre


Our Canada Day Extravaganza weekend kicked off a summer of fierce, and friendly, competitions on the Harbourfront Centre site. Look out for more cook-offs and dance competitions happening at our site this summer. For Saturday’s The Great Canadian Buttertart Bakeoff, six pastry chefs went tart-to-tart competing to whip up the best rendition of the patriotic butter tart. The winner was Kyla …

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