The evolving legacy of the chinese culture at Harbourfront Centre’s China Now

More often than not, the term “legacy” is associated with words such as “past” and “history,” which leaves many under the impression that a legacy is something stagnant. However, as Harbourfront Centre’s The Big Idea: Legacy has proven, a legacy is compromised of more than what has come before – it’s an amalgamation of knowledge gained from the past, questions asked in the present, and answers that lie in the future.

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Shore Lunch: addressing the layered history of Toronto’s shoreline


We interviewed Fresh Ground new works commissioned artist Lisa Myers about her multidisciplinary, three form work entitled Shore Lunch. In her own words, Shore Lunch is a multi-site art venue that takes the form of a camp kitchen. Inspired by stories of her Mother’s fishing skills and her love for pulling up on an island and frying up fish over a fire, Lisa Myers created this project to think more about the layers of history around the Great Lakes from an Indigenous perspective and to camp out for a while to acknowledge the different kinds of sustenance we get from this place.

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Ancient Gurus: Modern Mastery

South Asia Calling (The Actually South Asian Version)

We’re all taught from a young age to respect our elders. Harbourfront Centre is taking it to the next level and creating a three-day festival to honour ancient gurus and elders from South Asia. Performers will showcase their contemporary twist on musical and dance traditions passed down through the generations. There will also be a special 10-day tribute for the Dalai Lama’s birthday, involving Buddhism’s most artistic tradition: the creation of a Sand Mandala. The festival will also include guru workshops, a curry cook-off and kite making, along with various other events.

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Vendors to look out for this Canada Day Weekend


This weekend, come down to the waterfront and celebrate Canada’s 147th birthday and Harbourfront Centre’s 40th with its diverse and evolving identity! One of the largest Canada Day celebrations, this festival extravaganza celebrates the entire country through music, culinary arts, dance, family activities, storytelling, film and of course fireworks!

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Join our virtual 40th birthday party! Tune in to The Tale of Harbourfront Centre.


The Tale of Harbourfront Centre brings archives, interviews and forgotten tales to centre stage – an ironic play on performance. Theatre and media company FIXT POINT, led by Lisa Marie DiLiberto and Charles Ketchabaw, have captured the collective community memory of our site and the millions of people who have experienced it over the last 40 years. 

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Dancing On The Pier kicks off with the Toronto All-Star Big Band

This week we’re launching our Dancing On The Pier season with live bands and dance-styles from around the world that’ll have you on your feet in no time. We are leading off with Dancing on the Pier staple, the Toronto All-Star Big Band, who are paying homage with The Crooners & Songbirds of Yesterday & Today, with a little help from Toronto Swing Dance Society, Canada’s longest-running Swing Dance group.

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Emmanuel Jal shares his thoughts on The Big Idea: Legacy


Emmanuel Jal was born into the life of a child solider in the war-torn region of Southern Sudan. He managed to survive and emerge as a recording artist, achieving worldwide acclaim for his unique style of hip hop with its message of peace and reconciliation. See Emmanuel Jal perform live on the WestJet Stage on July 19.

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SoundClash Music Award Finalist: Canvas


CANVAS blends dark and playful futuristic synths, danceable grooves, hooky melodies, shimmering guitars and anthemic choruses into a post-synth rock collage. The fusing of old and new caused one listener privy to the early demos to remark that the sound was like “Electro-Springsteen,” a perfect reference point for the songs.

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Carefree Highway: Tom Wilson and friends celebrate the legacy of Gordon Lightfoot’s Sundown


The 40th anniversary of Gordon Lightfoot’s most commercially-successful album Sundown is a great opportunity (we thought) to celebrate the songwriter’s legacy. We look back, to his forging of a new and powerful voice that turned heads the world over, and we look ahead, to the music and musicians that he has influenced, across the musical map. Led by veteran of the Canadian music scene, Tom Wilson, we’re giving you the opportunity to hear the album live, in it’s entirety, during our Canada Day Extravaganza.

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Free Flicks returns with a series of funny girls


Free Flicks, presented by Redbox, our weekly outdoor movie showcase, returns for another season. This year our programmers decided to explore funny girls, whether in the form of comedic directorial debuts or classic comedy acting, embracing and showcasing some of the best female comedic talent. This series will illustrate how entrenched women have been, and are, in comedic filmmaking and how this is not a new phenomena, but an ongoing legacy.

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