Brimz founder Dameion Royes talks hats


On the first night of Island Soul, Harbourfront Centre will be presenting Brimz Hat Showcase. This show will highlight the latest trends and styles in men’s and women’s headwear. Brimz founder Dameion Royes will be hosting while DJ Chocolate and Patrick Roots cover the show’s music.

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Classical V: Genghis Barbie the all-female French horn ensemble

The leading post post-feminist feminist french horn ensemble of its generation and beyond is performing at the fifth annual Classical festival at Harbourfront Centre. Genghis Barbie is based in New York City but on Saturday, July 27, from 8 to 9 p.m., they will be sounding out on our doorstep by the lake on the WestJet Stage.

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Backstage interview with Chairlift


During the SoundClash music festival, Chairlift played an amazing concert on our WestJet Stage. Before their performance, we were able to get a quick interview – check it out!

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Tirgan: Persian Cooking Demonstration with Najmieh Batmanglij


Hailed as the “guru of Persian cooking”, Iranian-American chef Najmieh Batmanglij will be demonstrating her cooking skills at our very own Lakeside Terrace at this year’s Tirgan festival.

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Classical V: Fanfare

What is a fanfare you ask? It is a short piece of music typically played by trumpets and or other brass instruments, at times even accompanied by percussion instruments.

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Tirgan: Ajam

Ajam is a London-based group that formed in early 2010, but the main band players have been playing since 2004.

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Free Flicks Audience Choice: vote for your favourite film!


The choice is yours now! On August 28th, 2013, at 9PM, we’ll be having our final Free Flicks screening! One of three movies will be played – Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moulin Rouge, or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It’s up to you to vote and ultimately decide how we’ll close out Free Flicks 2013!

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Tirgan: Blurred Vision


The world renowned Toronto based band Blurred Vision is performing at the Tirgan (Largest celebration of Iranian culture) festival. The theme for Tirgan 2013 is Hope, for hope is that which sustains us in hard times and calls us into the future.

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Nine Rivers City: Aaron Vincent Elkaim

Aaron Vincent Elkaim portrait

A city the size of Toronto is so large that at times you are surprised to find things that you never knew existed. For the exhibition Nine Rivers City, the artist, Aaron Vincent Elkaim set out to search for the unknown and hidden aspects of Toronto’s river system. Elkaim drove all over the city with a 4 X 5 field camera looking for how the rivers have been affected by the cities growth.

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MC Jazz and DJ Cozmic Cat kick off our SoundClash Festival

MC Jazz and DJ Cozmic Cat kick off Soundclash music festival tonight with a performance to set the bar for an amazing concert filled weekend. Catch them playing tonight at 9:30 p.m on our Redpath Stage.

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