From the folks that brought you Dachshund UN…


We’re no strangers to dog shows here at Harbourfront Centre. Many of you may remember last year’s landmark World Stage presentation of Dachshund UN, which featured dozens of locally recruited dogs. You’ll find that Victoria Melody’s Major Tom barks up a similar tree, putting a canine companion, once again, under the spotlight.

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Skating is love: Yes Yes Valentines on the Natrel Rink


Having trouble deciding what to do with your valentine this year? Here’s a hot tip: nothing says I like and/or love you like a romantic skate on the scenic Natrel Rink. This Saturday night, we’re bringing YES YES Y’ALL, a queer hip hop/dancehall/rnb jam to our rink. The five person outfit will set your hearts  aflame with awesome love day tunes.

Want a taste of what to look forward to? The YES YES Y’ALL team shared a few of their fave love anthems with us.

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6 ways to have a blast at HarbourKIDS Skating Festival


Turn off the TV! Put down your tablet! HarbourKIDS: Skating Festival, presented by RBC Play Hockey, is happening Feb. 16-17 and it’s packed with spectacular wintry activities to keep the entire family entertained.

Here are six ways you can join in on the fun.

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In sitting down to write this letter, I am overwhelmed with possible angles. I could write about trying to wrap my head around the fear and anger and skepticism I am encountering whilst talking about UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW and why I think it’s important.

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FRESH BLOOD 2014: Sarain Carson-Fox


As part of FRESH BLOOD 2014, choreographer Sarain Carson-Fox presents The Missing, which is an excerpt from a larger piece entitled The Red Road Block. In a recently released video blog, Sarain gives context to the piece, and discusses the inspirations behind it.

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FRESH BLOOD 2014: Lisa Emmons


Now in its fifth year, FRESH BLOOD 2014 features innovative and exciting works by emerging Canadian contemporary choreographers. One of this year’s choreographers is Lisa Emmons with her piece Boy Q. Below is what she had to say about the process of creating her new work.

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FRESH BLOOD 2014: Corrie Sakaluk


My piece explores the overwhelming emotions that arise when I am absorbing the disturbing contents of the daily news, and how to collectively survive and transcend this onslaught, transforming negativity into resilience, balance, and connection. If you, too, ever find yourself disheartened and depressed by the mainstream daily news – this piece is for YOU!

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RAPunzel: an urban twist on the Grimm classic


Cow Over Moon Children’s Theatre is dedicated to creating and producing quality, accessible theatre productions for children and families. Founded in 1995 by a group of Grade 11 and 12 students at Cawthra Park Secondary School in Mississauga, the company now employs a group of 12 theatre practitioners to create their annual holiday show.

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The Known Unknown: IDENTIFY at Harbourfront Centre


Sharine from The Known Unknown team here, and I am so happy to help curate The Known Unknown showcase for this year’s Kuumba festival. I remember the first show I went to in February of 2012, not knowing that I would help to coordinate the following year’s event.

Fast-forward to today and here I am!

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AD Letter: The Radio Show

Radio Show

I spent the Christmas holidays at home with my family. I mostly make the pilgrimage out west to visit my mother who turned 81 this December. Of course in writing these AD letters, I’ve learned that the most meaningful approach is for me to look inward and share the feelings of the show with notions and experiences that are close to home. The themes and ideas explored in The Radio Show were, coincidently, very much a part of my holiday.

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