Nine Rivers City: Toronto’s Extraordinary Waterways

Vanessa Hussey, Humber River Flora, 2pm; May 16 – Copper Creek Golf Course

On June 21, we open a new exhibition, in collaboration with Toronto and Regional Conservation, called NINE RIVERS CITY, a stunning showcase of Toronto’s uncommon waterways which we hope will go a long way to fostering people’s understanding of – and appreciation for – this intricate part of Toronto’s urban landscape.

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Spend some time with singer/songwriter Oliver Pigott


The world was first introduced to Oliver Pigott when he was a finalist on Canadian Idol in 2008 with his brother, Sebastian, who were the first siblings in the show’s history to make it through to the finals. After the show finished up, the brothers collaborated together and released two albums as The Pigott Brothers. With a harmony-driven acoustic pop sound The Pigott Brothers haven’t stopped.

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The Tale of Harbourfront Centre: Your story will help us tell ours


Harbourfront Centre has been delivering high quality cultural programming for the past 40 years. From unforgettable concerts, lectures, exhibits to performances, hosting names like Celine Dion, Oscar Peterson, Spalding Gray, Philip Glass, Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel, Quincy Jones, Jim Carrey and many more. We’ve been a Toronto destination that has played a part in the lives of many of the cities residents.

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KAMP: Important, brave and stunning


Last night, Hotel Modern’s chilling depiction of a day in the life of Auschwitz during the Second World War, KAMP, began it’s five-show run at Harbourfront Centre. Using a scale model of the site and thousands of puppets, this performance is, as Phil Taylor put it, “brave in the telling and provocative.”

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Hotel Modern’s KAMP by Katie McMillan


I walked out of the theatre last night a ghost of myself. I had sat in my seat for as long as I could before understanding that I was blocking the aisles, but I would have remained sitting there all night if I were allowed. Once I was forced to stand, my body walked my brain to the lobby, out into the night, onto the subway, and home. I was wet before I realized it was raining. Everything that surrounded me as I walked towards the subway felt foggy, unclear, and it wasn’t just because I need to update my glasses prescription (which I do). People everywhere were oblivious to what I had just witnessed and it felt appropriate to hold that against them. You just don’t get it, I wanted to say to everyone I passed in the street that smiled or laughed to a friend.

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Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre ends our NextSteps season with Vector[s]


For NextSteps’ final series, we welcome Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (CCDT) to Harbourfront Centre. CCDT is an award winning contemporary company, residing in downtown Toronto, that have performed internationally. They’re a modern dance repertory company for dancers under 20 years of age who want the chance to discover what the life of a professional dancer will entail.

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HarbourKIDS: The Toronto International Circus Festival

I can’t think of a better way to have spent the long weekend than kicking off Harbourfront Centre’s first summer festival – HarbourKIDS: The Toronto International Circus Festival. With beautiful weather all weekend long, it was easy to enjoy the comical buskers, talented circus performers, exciting activities and delicious food.

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Ame Henderson has a lot to say about what we are saying

You’ve already heard World Stage artistic director Tina Rasmussen’s take on the genius of Ame Henderson and her upcoming performance, what we are saying.

“What’s really different about Ame’s approach is that she looks at choreography almost as a social experiment,” Tina said.

But what does Ame have to say about the work?

We recently sat down with Ame for a quick chat about the show, the philosophy behind it and why you definitely shouldn’t miss it!

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The Summer season is looking delicious at Harbourfront Centre

2013-03-10 11.44.34

It’s time again for the Toronto International Circus Festival! This Victoria Day weekend, dazzling daredevils, amazing acrobats, hilarious buskers and more take over our site. HarbourKIDS is Harbourfront Centre’s family programme designed to inspire imagination and creativity in kids under 12, by exploring contemporary arts and culture from a kid-centric point of view. While visiting, make sure to enjoy some of the unique and delicious foods, located in our World Café and Lake View Market.

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Ame Henderson/Public Recordings rehearse what we are saying on Toronto island

Ame Henderson/Public Recordings are bringing the innovative what we are saying to The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery as part of the 2013 World Stage season. Last week we joined Katie McMillan on a mid-day trip to Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts to catch a rehearsal of the piece. This world premiere runs May 22-25 and shouldn’t be missed. Looking for more info on the performance? Check …

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