A world-class festival presenting dance inspired by Asian ideas and expressions

In association with Harbourfront Centre, CanAsian Dance is bringing the CanAsian International Dance Festival to our 2013 NextSteps season. A combination of performances, matinees, films and workshops that reflect dance traditions from across Asia.

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Still Standing You wraps World Stage in a bromantic embrace

Pieter Ampe & Guilherme Garrido took male bonding to a whole other level Tuesday night in their World Stage debut of Still Standing You. Using their bodies as instruments to shamelessly seek out what they mean to each other, no physical or emotional stone was left unturned. Still Standing You is unique, startling, hilarious and physically intense. So physically intense, actually, that Pieter and Guilherme can only perform the piece, at the most, two consecutive days in a row.

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SPOILER ALERT! Katie McMillan on why you should read this *after* seeing Still Standing You


Not if, but when you go to see Still Standing You, and then leave the theatre wide-eyed, muttering “what just happened,” you will be exhibiting a justified and completely understandable response to the work. Seriously. That reaction may actually be an enormous compliment to the creators of Still Standing You, as the artistic genre they exemplify seeks to un-write cognitive processes.

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9 Loons: Constructing Our Future

Walk down almost any street in Toronto and you’re bound to run into a construction site. Toronto is actually the number one city in the world right now in terms of condo development. Eventual Ashes’ latest piece, 9 Loons, looks at the art of condo buying and the types of dreams people have about real estate ownership. 9 Loons asks: With all …

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Still Standing You: Exploring the complexity of friendship


According to Wikipedia — that omnipresent font of all things vernacular — the term “bromance” was coined by the editor of a magazine centered on skateboard culture to name the latently heterosexual, though intensely romantic, relationships that often develop between straight men. The term has become de rigueur in the current pop-cultural moment: at its best, it’s a good-natured admission of the genuinely romantic feelings that develop in non-sexual circumstances (a 21st century rebranding of 1970s “male bonding”).

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Zeke Moores: Finding beauty in the everyday

Windsor-based visual artist Zeke Moores uses sculpture to explore the social and political economies of everyday objects and our complex relationship with them. As part of the Visual Arts Spring Exhibitions, Zeke joins seven artists whose works comment on consumerism, social mores and the dialogue between the functional, decorative and art object. Within the exhibition, entitled RE: POSITION, Zeke is displaying a collection …

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Learning Lessons Close to Home: Katie McMillan on She She Pop and Their Fathers’ Testament


“There must be something universal about it,” says the theatre artist to her physicist father about the story of King Lear. What follows is a staged exploration of this claim – a search for relevance in a story about aging, inheritance, and familial love that has survived for centuries. Now, don’t get me wrong; by “staged exploration” I am in no …

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She She Pop & Their Fathers: Tenderness, humour and anger


German theatre collective She She Pop premiered She She Pop & Their Fathers: Testament to a Toronto audience last night as a part of World Stage. Mirroring the story of King Lear and his daughters, She She Pop members take to the stage with their own aging fathers, shining a spotlight on the painful details of their own personal family …

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Our Last Picture: A choreographic experiment

hatch vid 2

As our HATCH season continues, we welcome México/Costa Rica born and Montréal and Toronto based artist Andréa de Keijzer with her piece Our Last Picture. This group dance piece, which is an adaptation of Esthel Vogrig’s solo Mi Ultima Foto (My Last Photo), examines the moments that exist before and after a photograph, a performance and an event.

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She She Pop’s Testament: Not your typical take on The Bard


The World Stage performance She She Pop & Their Fathers: Testament, the third chapter in a Shakespearean triptych, which also included Othello, c’est qui and LEAR, is far from a standard adaption of the text. Cast members appear onstage with their real-life fathers to examine issues inspired by the original piece, but with a contemporary twist.

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