Winter is (almost) here


This past weekend’s HarbourKIDS: Thanksgiving festival, unfortunately, marked the end of a long, albeit very exciting, summer season. However, that also means that an exciting winter season is around the corner. Harbourfront Centre is the perfect winter escape, offering up a plethora of diverse programming. We truly have something for everyone as the temperature begins to drop.

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Zack Werner Idol School: Cultivating the Taylor Swifts and Justin Beibers of tomorrow

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Zack Werner’s Idol School is taking the stage during the HarbourKIDS: Thanksgiving festival this Monday. Zack, who was Canadian Idol’s answer to Simon Cowell (one of the hosts of American Idol), definitely has an eye (and ear) for talent. He not only spotted Carly Rae Jepsen (who was third place in the fifth season of Canadian Idol) and Down With Webster, but was also instrumental in the development of Esthero and The Philosopher Kings (just to name a few).

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ProArteDanza: Beyond Technique


The collective works of Roberto Campanella, Guillaume Côté, and Robert Glumbek are visual masterpieces in the latest offering by ProArteDanza. In Shifting Silence, Glumbek uses seamless transitions to convey strength, technique and plot. The dancers’ vigorous attack on the choreographic material is supported by an underlying level of control. As the dance progresses, the tension and energy leap off the stage. Campanella and Glumbek’s Beethoven’s 9th-3rd Movement is a combination of musicality, kinesthetics and artistry. The use of the chairs in the piece combined with the fluid energy and seamless transitions has an elaborate layering effect over the famous works of Ludwig van Beethoven. The dancers allow the music to flow out of their movements, using their bodies as instruments, creating a visual symphony. The final piece, Fractals: A Pattern of Chaos, is a contradiction to the works that precede it. Although the dancers still maintain an electric energy, Côté choreographed the piece to reflect the electronic music, and patterning in movement and formation. The majority of the piece is performed in a static position, the precision and articulation in smaller movements demonstrates body and mind integration, as well as strong spatial perception.

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Meet the dancers of ProArteDanza before they take centre stage this Wednesday!


As many of you already know, we’re stoked for Wednesday night’s dance premiere at Harbourfront Centre. Why? Because ProArteDanza opens their show, Season 2013 at the Fleck Dance Theatre and we think it’s going to be stellar! With opening night just two sleeps away, we thought it might be nice for all of you to learn a little somethin’ somethin’ …

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Harbourfront Centre CEO talks about our new public venues

We have undergone an extensive site transformation, creating new public spaces and amenities for our central waterfront site. The surface between York Quay Centre and Queen’s Quay Terminal now features two forest-inspired public spaces; Ontario Square and Canada Square plus a new outdoor exhibition venue and marketplace. In this video William J.S. Boyle, CEO of Harbourfront Centre explains the significance …

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Roberto Campanella & Guillaume Côté return to NextSteps with ProArteDanza’s Season 2013

ProArteDanza is the second dance company to grace our stage for the the 2013-14 NextSteps Season. The company, which began in 2004 as a collective between Artistic Director Roberto Campanella, Artistic Associate Robert Glumbek, and artist and administrator Joanna Ivey, describe themselves as a contemporary ballet company, with all the dancers and artistic leads having strong classical ballet backgrounds. October 2-5 they will be presenting Season 2013, which is comprised of the premiere of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony – 3rd Movement by Roberto Campanella and Robert Glumbek; Fractals, Guillaume Côté’s Dora Award-nominated choreography; and Shifting Silence, which Robert Glumbek created and premiered in Manheim, Germany.

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Vendors to look out for during the Pan American Food Festival

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This weekend Harbourfront Centre presents the Pan American Food Festival where you will be able to experience the cultural diversity of 41 countries of North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. We’ll be featuring many local artists, restaurants, and chefs who will get in the spirit with national and regional cuisines, as well as art, music and folklore of the Western Hemisphere.

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NINE RIVERS CITY: Vanessa Hussey


Sometimes photographs can be a bit mysterious – what, exactly, are we looking at? What is the scene that you are peering into? These questions arise often when we look at the series of photographs by Vanessa Hussey in the Nine Rivers City exhibition.

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NextSteps’ Guest Blog: Getting to know with a trace creators Kate Franklin and Kate Holden


Once upon a time, there were three Kates… Kate Holden, Kate Franklin and Kate Cornell. We asked DanceWorks’ Education and Community Outreach Manager, Kate Cornell, to sit down and interview with a trace dance artists, Kate Franklin and Kate Holden, to uncover the story behind firstthingsfirstproductions.

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Boogat: The future of Latin music


Meet Daniel Russo-Garrido, a.k.a. Boogat, a versatile French-Canadian Spanish hip hop vocalist from Montreal. He’s a seasoned performer, who’s played international festivals such as Montreal International Jazz Festival, Toronto Small World Music Festival and Sonar Festival in Barcelona. Critics have called him “the future of Latin music,” as he blurs the lines between traditional Latin grooves and a more urban/EDM (Electronic Dance Music) sound.

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