Q-Rock the Toronto Bronx Native


Hip hop culture has always been open to the integration of different musical styles, techniques, genres, developments and changes. Widely recognized as a powerful and universal tool for unifying people of all classes, ages and races, the culture has seen different people from all over the globe use it as a form of expression, empowerment and communication. MC/dancer Q-Rock has used the five elements to infuse his culturally rich music and unique perspective, as a Nipissing, Ontario native, into the urban scene.

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FRESH BLOOD 2013: Anjelica Scannura


Now in its fourth year, FRESH BLOOD 2013 features innovative and exciting works by emerging Canadian contemporary choreographers. One of this year’s Choreographers is Anjelica Scannura, co-Artistic Director of Ritmo Flamenco, with her piece Al-Maktoob (That What Is Written).

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The Chimera Project Returns For Our 2013 NextSteps Season


Renowned contemporary dance company, The Chimera Project, bring two exciting presentations to the 2013 NextSteps season. The first being FRESH BLOOD, now it’s fourth year. It’s a showcase of young, emerging, contemporary choreographers of various dance styles. FRESH BLOOD will include performances from a huge selection of choreographers such as Sarain Carson-Fox (winner of an Aboriginal Achievement Award), Justin De Bernardi (winner of the Ryerson Theatre Dance Award as well as the founder of Dynamic Dance Workshop Company) and more!

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The SoundClash Music Award


Are you an independent music artist living in the GTA? Harbourfront Centre is once again giving you a shot at not only a total of $10,000 in prizes, but also a chance to play live on our site during the summer season.

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The Little Pear Garden Collective Explore The Aesthetics Of Chinese Performing Arts

Celebrating its 20th year, The Little Pear Garden Collective will be hosting, in association with World Stage, a symposium and workshop series on the aesthetics of Chinese performing arts March 23, 24.

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Dancers Battle It Out For $1000


Beat Nation at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, is an exhibition comprised of Aboriginal urban art, dance and music, all of which come together in the Beat Nation All Styles Dance Battle! The two on two dance competition, where the winner will take home a cash prize of $1000 dollars, is taking place March 22nd.

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“The Wheel is come Full Circle”: Katie McMillan on why McKee’s LEAR is for today’s world


The thing about timeless classics is that they’re not. Timeless, that is. If I learned anything studying theatre and performance in grad school, it’s that terms like ‘timeless’ and ‘universal’, so often used to describe the arts, are desperately in need of qualifiers. Let me give you an example: Thornton Wilder’s Our Town is ‘universal’ – for white people. The Odyssey is ‘timeless’ – if you’re a dude.

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Artistic director of World Stage discusses TAO Dance Theater’s Weight x3 & 2

Since 2008, TAO Dance Theater, led by artistic director and choreographer Tao Ye, have played to sold-out houses in New York, London, Sydney, Montreal and Ottawa. They have appeared at contemporary dance festivals in South Korea and Poland, establishing themselves as one of the most interesting up-and-coming contemporary dance companies to come out of China.

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Showing & Telling: Katie McMillan on Everyday Anthems


When I hear the word “anthem”, I think earthshaking. I think of a uniting force, gathering mass like a giant snowball rolling down a mountain. I think of that moment towards the end of O Canada at a hockey or basketball game, when everyone starts clapping and stomping and banging on the seats in front of them in anticipation of things to come. I think of something collective, something that gets you JACKED UP.

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Toronto Dance Theatre’s latest work is a pivotal anthem for Canadian dance


Toronto Dance Theatre’s Everyday Anthems made its world premiere last night at World Stage, gaining high praise from The Globe and Mail’s Paula Citron. The renowned dance critic labelled the Heidi Strauss-choreographed work a “triumph,” and a show that “certainly bears repeated viewings.”

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