From Haiti to Canada: CaRiMi


Carlo Vieux, Richard Cavé, and Mickael Guirand – together, they form CaRiMi, one of Haiti’s most popular bands.

Formed in 2001, they left Haiti to pursue their musical dreams in New York. That summer, their single Ayiti Bang Bang became a hit and they rose to fame. Their accolades include top rankings on Billboard over countries including Haiti, Canada, and parts of Europe.

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Ras Iville chats about his famous Corn Soup

For years, a faithful audience has been coming to Harbourfront Centre to get themselves some delicious corn (either in cob or soup form) from Ras Iville and Ikeila Wright, founders of One Love Vegetarian. If you’re on our site this long weekend, One Love’s legendary spicy corn soup is definitely a must have. We took a minute to chat with Ras Iville, who told us the origins of his famous soup and what makes his corn special.

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Our chat with Jose Labra, owner of Eco Canopy Andino

Meet Jose Labra, owner of Eco Canopy Andino, a company that works directly with Latin-American producers in order to import, introduce and distribute socially responsible products into the Canadian market. It was started by Jose (and his partners) upon his arrival to Canada three years ago. A former bank manager in Chile, Jose was unable to find employment here to support his three daughters, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. With the support of his family and friends, and a strong entrepreneurial drive, Eco Canopy Andino was born.

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Spence’s Bakery: more than just baked goods


Eglinton West staple, Spence’s Bakery, is bringing its famous jerk chicken to Harbourfront Centre during the Island Soul festival! They’ll be located at Zone 5 in the south orchard tent on Saturday, July 3 from 7:30PM to 11:30PM so make sure to come and try their delicious chicken!

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A disturbance in the force

During this past weekend’s Classical V: Brass Festival, youngsters on-site were invited make their very own trumpets, and then join in a very special performance of The Imperial March on The Redpath Stage. Imagine their surprise when a very special conductor showed up.

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Nine Rivers City: Jade Lee Portelli


When daylight turns to dusk and darkness approaches, our response to our surroundings dramatically changes. This change is related to our ability to see and observe what is around us. For artist Jade Lee Portelli, it is this apex of time that she focuses on for her photographic exploration of some of the city’s rivers. Her images capture the mysterious time when darkness starts to envelope the landscape and nature is by itself, void of human presence except for the glow of distant light. The rivers and landscape she photographed at dusk bring an eeriness and foreboding quality that we can observe at a safe distance within her collection of images.

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Vendors to look out for during the Classical V: Brass Festival


This weekend, come down to Harbourfront Centre to see the fifth installment of our Classical V: Brass music festival. This festival redefines the idea of classical music by exploring traditional and modern brass music from around the world. While you’re listening to the diverse sounds of French horns and Indian wedding bands, be sure to visit the World Cafe for some delectable foods and shop the world at the Lake View Market! Lake View Market vendors African Fashion Centre, Sugarcane, Steve’s Music Store and World Café vendors Casbah Catering and Gourmet on the Go are a must-visit!

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I-Wayne brings roots reggae to Island Soul festival

The popular festival Island Soul returns to Harbourfront Centre again this year, a tradition that has been going on for over a decade. Island Soul is themed around celebrating and sharing with others the unique cultures of the Caribbean.

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Shakara Natural: natural, organic-certified, fair-trade products!

shakara natural

“If you’re having hair problems I feel bad for you hun’, I got 99 problems but my hair ain’t one…”

…because of Shakara Natural’s natural hair products for men and women! Make sure to come down to Harbourfront Centre during the Island Soul festival to learn more about how you can deal with hair loss!

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Hypnotic Brass Ensemble: serving up some “Windy City” funk

Classical V: Brass Festival at Harbourfront Centre promises to offer an exciting twist on traditional/classical brass music. Enter Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (HBE), a group comprised of eight extraordinary young jazz musicians (who happen to be brothers) from the south side of Chicago. They’re all sons of jazz legend Phil Cohran, best known for his trumpet contributions in the Sun Ra Arkestra in Chicago during 1959-1961. Drawing influences that range from jazz/funk to the revolutionary raps of Public Enemy, HBE bring a deep-rooted Chicago funk, with social depth. They will be performing July 27th at 9:30PM on The WestJet Stage.

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