Shakara Natural: natural, organic-certified, fair-trade products!

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“If you’re having hair problems I feel bad for you hun’, I got 99 problems but my hair ain’t one…”

…because of Shakara Natural’s natural hair products for men and women! Make sure to come down to Harbourfront Centre during the Island Soul festival to learn more about how you can deal with hair loss!

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Hypnotic Brass Ensemble: serving up some “Windy City” funk

Classical V: Brass Festival at Harbourfront Centre promises to offer an exciting twist on traditional/classical brass music. Enter Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (HBE), a group comprised of eight extraordinary young jazz musicians (who happen to be brothers) from the south side of Chicago. They’re all sons of jazz legend Phil Cohran, best known for his trumpet contributions in the Sun Ra Arkestra in Chicago during 1959-1961. Drawing influences that range from jazz/funk to the revolutionary raps of Public Enemy, HBE bring a deep-rooted Chicago funk, with social depth. They will be performing July 27th at 9:30PM on The WestJet Stage.

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What’s your recipe?

Recipe Roots is a new initiative at Harbourfront Centre in partnership with FoodShare that celebrates the histories and recipes that make up Canada’s culinary landscape. All summer long and culminating at Hot & Spicy Food Festival, Recipe Roots explores Harbourfront Centre’s curatorial theme of Terrain and encourages the passing down of recipes from generation to generation.

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Classical V: Brass aims to challenge, delight and astonish.

What comes to mind when you think of ‘classical’ music? Or classical brass music for that matter? Before consulting Google or dismissing the question (and perhaps the genre) altogether, I’d like to challenge you to think outside the ‘classical’ box. Contrary to popular belief, classical brass music is not a one-sound genre. To me, the range in sound and style is as wide as the oceans. So Classical V: Brass aims to push the boundaries on what people might consider to be ‘classical’.

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Googoosh Music Academy finalist Neda Seyedi closes out the Tirgan Festival


To close out the 2013 Tirgan Festival, Neda Seyedi from the Googoosh Music Academy will be performing live at Harbourfront Centre!

Googoosh is an Iranian pop star and actress. She’s a veteran in the Iranian music industry, having been active for 39 years. Together with musical experts Babak Saidi and Hooman Khalatbari, she has started a singing competition called Googoosh Music Academy; it can be described as the Iranian version of The X-Factor.

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SoundClash Festival recap


Music enthusiasts from all over Toronto were looking forward to this past weekend for a while now. With tons of music performances, artist talks, family activities, food and pop-up shops, the SoundClash Music Festival from July 12 – 14 was a huge success.

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Vendors to look out for during the Tirgan Festival


Returning to Harbourfront Centre after two years is this weekend’s Tirgan Festival celebrating rich and diverse Iranian artists and culture. Tirgan brings a dynamic range of Iranian musicians from traditional to electronic, engaging dancers, theatre, cinema and much more! This weekend, taste some of Iran’s regional flavors at the World Cafe and shop the world at the Lake View Market! Don’t miss our Lake View Market vendors Silvia Jewelry, Zangouleh Music School, My Pretty Fashion Closet and World Café vendors Zaffron Ristorante, Haida Sandwiches and snacks from Shirini Sara.

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Brimz founder Dameion Royes talks hats


On the first night of Island Soul, Harbourfront Centre will be presenting Brimz Hat Showcase. This show will highlight the latest trends and styles in men’s and women’s headwear. Brimz founder Dameion Royes will be hosting while DJ Chocolate and Patrick Roots cover the show’s music.

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Classical V: Genghis Barbie the all-female French horn ensemble

The leading post post-feminist feminist french horn ensemble of its generation and beyond is performing at the fifth annual Classical festival at Harbourfront Centre. Genghis Barbie is based in New York City but on Saturday, July 27, from 8 to 9 p.m., they will be sounding out on our doorstep by the lake on the WestJet Stage.

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Backstage interview with Chairlift


During the SoundClash music festival, Chairlift played an amazing concert on our WestJet Stage. Before their performance, we were able to get a quick interview – check it out!

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