Our Last Picture: A choreographic experiment

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As our HATCH season continues, we welcome México/Costa Rica born and Montréal and Toronto based artist Andréa de Keijzer with her piece Our Last Picture. This group dance piece, which is an adaptation of Esthel Vogrig’s solo Mi Ultima Foto (My Last Photo), examines the moments that exist before and after a photograph, a performance and an event.

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She She Pop’s Testament: Not your typical take on The Bard


The World Stage performance She She Pop & Their Fathers: Testament, the third chapter in a Shakespearean triptych, which also included Othello, c’est qui and LEAR, is far from a standard adaption of the text. Cast members appear onstage with their real-life fathers to examine issues inspired by the original piece, but with a contemporary twist.

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All the World’s a Stadium: Katie McMillan on the performance of masculinity in A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football

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I frigging love winning. It is quite plausible that I get this quality from my dad who, rather than taking it easy on his eight year-old daughter during nightly Cribbage games, would do the exact opposite; he would sing and dance a song that went something like, “I won, I won, I won, I won, I won/I beat the little …

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Behind the scenes: A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football

Game day! After a pre-show camera call for A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football, we had an opportunity to sit down with four of the dancers from Norway’s Jo Strømgren Kompani. The dancers, who have been part of over 200 performances, discussed how they got involved with the piece, the extent of their actual football-playing abilities and more.

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Nova Dance talks Akshongay

With her third NextSteps presentation, Nova Bhattacharya brings Akshongay, which is Bengali for together, created and performed with Louis Laberge-Côté to Harbourfront Centre. In the above video, we speak with Nova about the piece, which runs April 11-13 here at Harbourfront Centre.

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World Stage artistic director Tina Rasmussen discusses Still Standing You

Belgian-Portuguese duo Pieter Ampe and Guilherme Garrido take male bonding to a whole other level as they use their bodies as instruments to shamelessly seek out what they mean to each other and leave no physical or emotional stone unturned. Still Standing You is unique, startling, hilarious and physically intense.

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A fabulous re-imagining of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s iconic bed-ins

HATCH, Harbourfront Centre’s annual performing arts residency programme, returns this month with four performances by rising, local artists. We launch the season with Reena Katz, who marks her first foray into a theatrical space with love takes the worry out of being close: public assemblies in bed with queers, a queer re-imagining of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s iconic bed-ins.

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Dave Colangelo discusses A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football


“An astonishing void: official history ignores football. Contemporary history texts fail to mention it, even in passing, in countries where it has been and continues to be a primordial symbol of collective identity.”
– David Goldblatt, “The Ball Is Round: A Global History of Football”

The general lack of attention to football (aka. soccer) — or any other sport for that matter — in history and contemporary art is puzzling on the one hand and quite understandable on the other.

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World Stage artistic director Tina Rasmussen discusses She She Pop & Their Fathers: Testament

When Tina Rasmussen programmed this year’s Shakespearean triptych (Othello, c’est qui, LEAR and, now, She She Pop & Their Fathers: Testament), she wanted to avoid a distant, old-fashioned theatrical experience. Her goal was to bring productions to World Stage that made The Bard’s work immediate, playful and moving. Cue She She Pop. She She Pop & Their Fathers is an adaptation of King Lear, where …

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Summer is here – almost!

We’ve got so much in store for you. We’re talking festivals, concerts, outdoor film screenings, amazing food – even canoe rides! In fact, we’re so stoked about it, we decided to let our staff do the talking. Check out this video where you’ll hear from the people behind the scenes; the very ones responsible for putting together our amazing summer programming.

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