Dave Colangelo discusses A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football


“An astonishing void: official history ignores football. Contemporary history texts fail to mention it, even in passing, in countries where it has been and continues to be a primordial symbol of collective identity.”
– David Goldblatt, “The Ball Is Round: A Global History of Football”

The general lack of attention to football (aka. soccer) — or any other sport for that matter — in history and contemporary art is puzzling on the one hand and quite understandable on the other.

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World Stage artistic director Tina Rasmussen discusses She She Pop & Their Fathers: Testament

When Tina Rasmussen programmed this year’s Shakespearean triptych (Othello, c’est qui, LEAR and, now, She She Pop & Their Fathers: Testament), she wanted to avoid a distant, old-fashioned theatrical experience. Her goal was to bring productions to World Stage that made The Bard’s work immediate, playful and moving. Cue She She Pop. She She Pop & Their Fathers is an adaptation of King Lear, where …

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Summer is here – almost!

We’ve got so much in store for you. We’re talking festivals, concerts, outdoor film screenings, amazing food – even canoe rides! In fact, we’re so stoked about it, we decided to let our staff do the talking. Check out this video where you’ll hear from the people behind the scenes; the very ones responsible for putting together our amazing summer programming.

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FRESH BLOOD 2013: ReActive Dance Theatre


It was almost a year ago when we graduated from Ryerson University’s dance program. As the security of a training institution began to fade away, we were dropped into the constant and ever-changing current of the Toronto dance community. We soon discovered that in order to find stable ground, we needed to figure out two things: what did we want from the dance community? And what did we want to contribute to the dance community?

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FRESH BLOOD 2013: Sarain Carson-Fox

Now in its fourth year, FRESH BLOOD 2013 features innovative and exciting works by emerging Canadian contemporary choreographers. One of this year’s choreographers is Sarain Carson-Fox with an excerpt of her piece, Fatty Legs. Based on a children’s book of the same name written by Christy Jordan-Fenton, Fatty-Legs tells the story of an aboriginal girl named Margaret Pokiak and her experience …

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World Stage artistic director discusses A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football

Jo Strømgren Kompani’s A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football is a series of comic, tough-and-tender vignettes celebrating the world’s favourite game. The performance delves into the physical routine of soccer and elevates the aesthetic aspects of its insanity. It comments on the perceived tension between high culture and sport. At first blush, the similarities between sport and performance may not …

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Queens Quay Construction Update March 25-28

Note: There will be no construction activity on Friday, March 29th (Good Friday). Storm and Sanitary: Work continues on the construction of a new sanitary sewer west of York St. (on the north side of Queens Quay). Crews will be saw-cutting and excavating the existing roadbed to install the new sanitary line approximately three metres under Queens Quay. A second …

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FRESH BLOOD 2013: Alysa Pires


This process has been very much about me honing my choreographic voice. At this point in my choreographic life, I am most concerned with what makes me unique as an artist and what is new and exciting about my work. Our community does not need redundancies and am working to make sure that I do not become one.

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TAO Dance Theater brings a pure dance to World Stage

It’s been said that TAO Dance Theater doesn’t just merely push the envelope of dance – they are “performers working at the far edge of the known world of movement” (Kate Dobbs Ariail, CVNC [http://cvnc.org/article.cfm?articleId=4938]). We’re pretty sure that anyone in attendance last night would agree. Tao’s choreography is pure, minimalist and abstract, performed with a knock-out virtuosity. In a word: beautiful.

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These Inadequate Words: Katie McMillan on TAO Dance Theater


Flipping through the program a few minutes before the opening of last night’s performance by TAO Dance Theater, I read the following: “Choreographer Tao Ye believes a single word or phrase is insufficient to summarize a work of contemporary dance theatre while still allowing audiences free range of imagination.” This excerpt was in reference to titling the work, but of course my reaction to reading this was, well, then how the hell am I supposed to write 1200 words about it?!

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