Celebrating five years of the SoundClash Music Awards

This year, Harbourfront Centre presents the fifth edition of the SoundClash Music Awards. To mark the occasion, we’ve given the idea of “letting the city hear your sound” a fresh new take. For this year’s competition, the five finalists will all perform at July’s Party on the Block, a brand-new weekend festival celebrating diverse street cultures from around the world. Hundreds of Toronto-area …

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The ever-changing costumes of human experience


The Dietrich Group brings This Is a Costume Drama to Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage, April 29 to May 2.  We spoke with dancer Danielle Baskerville about the inspiration behind the show, which explores the question: what do we reveal by dressing up? What is This is a Costume Drama? The essence of This Is A Costume Drama is the exploration of playing …

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Get to know one of the HATCH residents, Amelia Ehrhardt


HATCH is a situation where new performance and new audiences encounter one another in the spirit of inquiry. This week, dance artist and choreographer Amelia Ehrhardt starts her work at the Studio Theatre. HATCH 11 Curator Evan Webber talked to her about preparation. You’ve been performing a lot as well as teaching – peripatetic, right? I often wonder whether a …

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Esmeralda Enrique’s Letters to Spain


Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company, currently celebrating its 33rd anniversary, brings Letters to Spain to Harbourfront Centre’s NextSteps, April 24 to 26.  We spoke with Esmeralda Enrique to learn more about the upcoming performances. What are you presenting at NextSteps? Letters to Spain is a love letter of sorts from Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company artists. Through our performances, we …

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Get to know HATCH residents, the red light district

HATCH is a situation where new performance and new audiences encounter one another in the spirit of inquiry. The red light district’s ted witzel and Lauren Gillis have worked together a lot. But this time it’s different – they’re sharing the direction of their new project, the marquise of O—. We asked them to say are few words about where they’re …

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The story of our universal connection to water

Ballet Creole  Aqua Como Vida

For its 25th anniversary season, Ballet Creole presents Agua Como Vida, featuring the modern and contemporary traditions of artistic director Patrick Parson and associate choreographer Gabby Kamino. Kamino’s background in dance, math and figure skating (she was a World Team Choreographer for Canadian National Figure skating Association and Olympic Competitors) influences and informs her present day work. Agua Como Vida tells the story of …

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Me So You So Me: A hyperkinetic, manga-influenced dance duet


World Stage is thrilled to welcome for the first time the vanguards of Vancouver’s richly innovative dance scene, Out Innerspace Dance Theatre, to the Harbourfront Centre Theatre for the four-night engagement of Me So You So Me. This virtuosic creation of David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen floats over a raw, toy-box like score, composed by Japanese experimental percussionist Asa Chang. …

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Don’t Drop the Ball: Object Manipulation


Circus Sessions is produced by Femmes du Feu with artistic partners CCAFT. It is a weeklong creative laboratory and think-tank for 15 Canadian and international contemporary circus artists. Fred Deb, an aerial circus artist from France, will mentor and guide the artists through the creative process. This initiative spans the five families of circus: Aerial, Acrobatics, Balancing, Object Manipulation and …

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Unearthing the history of flamenco

Anjelica Scannura, co-artistic director of Ritmo Flamenco, gives a sneak peak behind the movement in SIROCCO, which runs from March 27-29 at the Studio Theatre at Harbourfront Centre. Limited tickets for Ritmo Flamenco Dance & Music Ensemble’s SIROCCO are available for purchase through our online box office, or by calling 416-973-4000.

The thrill and challenge of making Disabled Theater

Experience a one-of-a-kind performance when Disabled Theater opens March 25 as part of World Stage 2015. French choreographer Jérôme Bel, working with Swiss company Theater HORA, has put together a remarkable piece exploring the possibilities of the stage. A scripted show, featuring a cast of people with intellectual disabilities, Disabled Theater encourages its audience to think about the dynamics of exclusion when it comes to theatre, political correctness …

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