FILM @ KUUMBA: Four free Canadian premieres

Four films make their Canadian debut this year at Harbourfront Centre’s annual Black History Month festival, Kuumba. The festival’s opening night will be celebrated with the Canadian launch of Curators of Hip-Hop, a tour through the lives of five “dreamers” looking to make their mark on the music industry. This just in: After the screening don’t miss out on an …

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The common language of music: an interview with Joe & Sekou

“We’ve been raised in very different cultures in so many ways, but we share a lot of the same interests musically.” – Joe Driscoll This weekend, our annual Hot & Spicy Food Festival dips into food and culture rooted in the past and renewed for the future. This concept can definitely be seen – or rather heard – in the music of Joe …

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Music with a mission: The Wake Up Madagascar tour takes the stage at Harbourfront Centre

When it comes to planning our summer festivals, we have an “essentials” list that we tend to stick to. First and foremost on this list is our attendees – can we truly have a good celebration without you? The answer is obviously “no.” But in order to attract you to our festivals, we need to give you something to look forward to. That’s where item number two on our “essentials” list comes into play: the events.

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Experience Africa at Harbourfront Centre’s Habari Africa Festival (July 18-20)

Africa’s vibrant culture meets Toronto’s pristine waterfront from July 18 to 20, as Harbourfront Centre hosts the inaugural Habari Africa festival. Habari Africa, which means “Hello Africa” in Swahili, will feature a mix of traditional, fusion and emerging music and dance styles performed by musicians based in Canada, as well as international touring groups. Through modern and ancient expressions of stories used across Africa, Harbourfront Centre is pleased to provide Toronto with a truly authentic reflection of modern Africa.

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