Ian Chodikoff shares his thoughts on The Big Idea: Legacy

Ian is the founding Director of Fora Strategic Planning, a consultancy focused on researching, developing and applying effective solutions for a healthier and more prosperous urban environment. He’s participating in Bridgepoint Active Healthcare: The Reinvention Of A Hospital, which is part of our Architecture Exhibition Winter 2014 — open until June 8th. Here are Ian’s thoughts on The Big Idea: Legacy.

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Harbourfront Centre CEO talks about our new public venues

We have undergone an extensive site transformation, creating new public spaces and amenities for our central waterfront site. The surface between York Quay Centre and Queen’s Quay Terminal now features two forest-inspired public spaces; Ontario Square and Canada Square plus a new outdoor exhibition venue and marketplace. In this video William J.S. Boyle, CEO of Harbourfront Centre explains the significance …

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Regenerate in the Architecture Space

Over the next few weeks, an exciting project will unfold in the Architecture Space. Kongats Architects has designed a new installation, Regenerate, as a part of the exhibition BO The Repurposed City. Regenerate attempts to expose and bring awareness to the layers of history in a renovated space.

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