Your Brazilian adventure awaits at Expressions of Brazil

It didn’t matter what country you were rooting for when Brazil hosted the World Cup, the event united families and friends throughout Toronto as they watched the beautiful game. Hints of Brazil’s vibrant culture were teased throughout the broadcasts but never truly explored. Luckily Harbourfront Centre will give you a chance to delve deep into the diverse culture of this Latin American country during the Expressions of Brazil festival, which runs August 8 to 10.

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Come explore the world of film at Expressions of Brazil

This weekend at Expressions of Brazil, we are hosting six internationally acclaimed films from the Brazilian Festival of Film & TV (BRAFFTV)  the largest Brazilian film festival, outside of Brazil. These award-winning films are co-produced by Brazilian and Canadian filmmakers, highlighting national and international talent.

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Grupo Corpo: Painting Movement

Sigh. Something feels so good about being back at World Stage. It took me a while to put my finger on exactly what it is that feels so good about it. The season does look great – I know one gender/performance theory nut that nearly jumped out of her pants when she discovered World Stage would be producing a ‘Lady Lear’ (you can’t see this but I’m pointing at myself).

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Grupo Corpo’s triumphant return to World Stage

Brazil’s Grupo Corpo returned to World Stage last night, performing a double-bill of dance to a full house at the Fleck Dance Theatre. The performance was the first of a five-night run.

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Remarkable Brazilian Dance Company Grupo Corpo heats up Toronto

I first saw this company in 2000, and was blown away by the physical strength and grace of the company’s male and female dancers. Grupo Corpo takes classical dance to another level by incorporating Brazilian folkloric movement such as frevo, caboclinho, capoeira, samba, afro, and much more. The distinct choreography, a distinguishing facet of Grupo Corpo, carries the richness of Brazilian culture to the stage.

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Expresions of Brazil: Isa Melo

Isa Melo is the lead editor as well as the director of popular Portuguese magazine, Etc & Tal. When not working on her magazine, she’s promoting some of the best events in the city, at which everyone has a great time.

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Expressions of Brazil: Baby Steinberg

Baby Steinberg, a powerhouse in the field of fashion design who brings new meaning to the word “recycling” is another participant in the fashion show that is a part of Expressions of Brazil.

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Guest Blogger: Josie La Corte

Here at Harbourfront Centre, we’ve got resplendent and unbelievable staff who work very hard to make sure that all aspects of Harbourfront Centre continue to improve and grow. However, sometimes, we like to request the help of other spectacular individuals to help give a unique perspective to our viewers (like you reading this) so that they can stay engaged. With …

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Expressions of Brazil: Aline Morales

Aline Morales has been a staple of the Brazilian music scene here in Toronto for years. You have probably seen her drumming on Kensington Sunday, one of her energetic live shows or her staring role in one of Ontario’s tourism advertisements. Morales, however, is no longer a local secret. Her new album Flores, Tambores e Amores quickly hit #1 on …

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Expressions of Brazil: Matuto Interview

Starting June 6, Expressions of Brazil is bringing great food, fashion, dance and music to Harbourfront Centre and we are very excited to have the energetic Matuto joining us. Members Clay Ross and Rob Curto have combined to created a fusion of Appalachian and Northeastern Brazilian Folk music that you cannot miss. We were able to ask Matuto a few …

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