Q-Rock the Toronto Bronx Native

Hip hop culture has always been open to the integration of different musical styles, techniques, genres, developments and changes. Widely recognized as a powerful and universal tool for unifying people of all classes, ages and races, the culture has seen different people from all over the globe use it as a form of expression, empowerment and communication. MC/dancer Q-Rock has used the five elements to infuse his culturally rich music and unique perspective, as a Nipissing, Ontario native, into the urban scene.

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Dancers Battle It Out For $1000

Beat Nation at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, is an exhibition comprised of Aboriginal urban art, dance and music, all of which come together in the Beat Nation All Styles Dance Battle! The two on two dance competition, where the winner will take home a cash prize of $1000 dollars, is taking place March 22nd.

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Dangerous Goods Crew: Holding down Winnipeg at Harbourfront Centre

Winnipeg based B-boy outfit, Dangerous Goods Crew formed in 2002 and reps all across North America. They will be here at Harbourfront Centre during Canada Day weekend to represent at the Call-Out, hosted by Benzo (of Bag of Trix).

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