Five reasons to take your kids to Laura’s Cow: The Legend of Laura Secord

After witnessing last year’s world premiere of Laura’s Cow: The Legend of Laura Secord, my youngest daughter auditioned for the Canadian Children’s Opera Company. This year she’s in the chorus, on stage with 200 kids, dancing and belting out the story of Canada’s iconic heroine. This is definitely not your average kids’ school concert. The Canadian Children’s Opera Company is the only permanent children’s opera company in Canada. In the months leading up to the show, kids rehearse at least three days a week and take voice lessons.

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Alice Nelson brings shadow puppetry to HarbourKIDS

My name is Alice Nelson and I’m a theatre artist coming to do a shadow puppetry workshop at HarbourKIDS. I make a living through acting, directing, playwriting, stilt-walking, puppetry, clown, mask making and creating plays with kids!
I did my training at an amazing school called Dell’Arte Physical Theatre School. It’s kind of like ‘Hogwarts for actors’. I compare it to Hogwarts because it’s right in the middle of the redwood forests. The redwoods are incredible trees, averaging a height of 200 feet (61 meters)! It feels like the school is in the middle of a magical forest. While I was there, my program required me to create magic all day…. that is to say, use my imagination to create stories onstage with other artists. Through creating a world onstage, we were able to make the audience believe in the unbelievable. I like to think we were getting our wizard training.

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The Canadian National Youth Circus

The Canadian National Youth Circus is one of the ideal organizations your child can be a part of if you want them to learn about core values that will help them grow and advance through life.

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Don’t miss Scot Free, this weekend at HarbourKIDS: Circus

Check out the award winning Scot Free who mixes comedy, daredevil stunts and hilarious improvised wit into a jaw dropping, entertaining show that shouldn’t be missed!

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