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Take a musical trip around the globe with the Summer Music in the Garden series

After a cold and unpredictable winter (and spring!) summer is finally here! Summer in Toronto brings many things such as beautiful weather and festivals. It’s a nice change of pace and a chance to slow down, relax and enjoy being outdoors in the city. Harbourfront Centre is bringing all of these great elements together with the return of the Summer …

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Notes on Summer Music in the Garden

What a July we’ve had at the Music Garden! From the shamanic power of Barbara Croall’s new solo for pipigwan (cedar flute) that opened the season, to Margaret Glaspy’s spine-tingling singing of the traditional song “Shenandoah” (part of Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project), via Elinor Frey’s thrilling performance of Bach’s Sixth Suite for 5-string cello, and countertenor Michael Taylor’s breathtakingly sweet …

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Summer Music in the Garden 2015

By Tamara Bernstein The 2015 edition of Summer Music in the Garden is underway, and what a start!  The thrilling first musical notes of the year – the ceremonial opening pitch, as it were – came from the pipi’gwan – First Nation cedar flute – as Odawa composer Barbara Croall gave the world premiere of her powerful new solo, Binesiwag …

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Ken Hsieh pays tribute to some of the greatest Taiwanese filmmakers of our time

“I couldn’t make this movie without the help of Taiwan” – Ang Lee, during his Oscar acceptance speech  for Life of Pi Ang Lee, the first person of Asian descent to win an Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA for Best Director — among other awards — is the brilliant mind behind films like Brokeback Mountain, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Life of Pi. Born …

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String together the perfect weekend

Sometimes the sounds of the city can leave you strung out, longing for inner peace. Most people think they need to leave the city to find this tranquility. But what if I told you that you can find relief from the city’s hustle and bustle without escaping the 416? Would you believe me?

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Summer Music in the Garden is here!

From Bach to Mendelssohn, string quartet to fiddle, Canada to Italy to Japan, explore a world of indigenous and classical music, instruments and arrangements as our free Summer Music in the Garden series returns for another summer. We’ve invited musicians from across Canada, the U.S. and around the world to perform in the beautiful Toronto Music Garden, every Thursday and Sunday, from July 3 to September 14.

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Fiddle Me This

This Saturday marks the third time the world will celebrate all things fiddle with World Fiddle Day, and Toronto has a celebration of its own. Over 100 fiddlers will gather on Saturday, May 17 at the Harbourfront Centre’s Ontario Square to ‘play’ their way around the world.

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A disturbance in the force

During this past weekend’s Classical V: Brass Festival, youngsters on-site were invited make their very own trumpets, and then join in a very special performance of The Imperial March on The Redpath Stage. Imagine their surprise when a very special conductor showed up.

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Classical IV: Strings – Lute Legends Ensemble

The Lute Legends Ensemble is a new collaboration between three of Toronto’s most noted performers and teachers of plucked-string instruments. Although the lute, the oud, and the pipa are cousins with a common ancestor, each instrument evolved very different playing techniques and styles along different parts of the Silk Road centuries ago. This ensemble now puts them on the same …

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Riley takes on “What is Classical?”

As a child, I listened to a TON of classical music. Whenever I was well behaved, my mother would bring me home a tape, and I’d spend hours in my room listening to it. My musical tastes have definitely expanded since then, but that’s not to say that I no longer listen to classical music.

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