Courses & Workshops: Five questions with artist Duncan Newman

Duncan Newman is a Toronto-based artist. This January, he’ll be teaching intro- and intermediate-level drawing courses as part of Courses & Workshops. We recently spoke with Duncan to chat about his art, thoughts on teaching and advice for first-time artists.

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Improving through Improv!

The thought of speaking in front of a group of people is terrifying for many of us, but it is a reality that most will eventually have to face. Some people minimize their fear by picturing an audience in their underwear, others through breathing exercises, and many more by rehearsing speeches in their bathroom mirrors.

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The Fall & Winter workshops and courses are back in session!

As many students and parents prepare for another school year, why not add a course or workshop to your day at Harbourfront Centre? The 2012 fall/winter session features a great variety of new and old favourites including Fashion & Design, Visual Arts, Web & Social Media, Performing Arts, Literary Arts, Craft Studio Courses and Family Programming. Love cameras? How about …

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