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Celebrating five years of the SoundClash Music Awards

This year, Harbourfront Centre presents the fifth edition of the SoundClash Music Awards. To mark the occasion, we’ve given the idea of “letting the city hear your sound” a fresh new take. For this year’s competition, the five finalists will all perform at July’s Party on the Block, a brand-new weekend festival celebrating diverse street cultures from around the world. Hundreds of Toronto-area …

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Esie Mensah embraces the past for the future of dance

She’s not a fortune teller but Esie Mensah, does see the future in traditional African dance. The inspirational choreographer and powerful dancer brings her artistry to the 20th anniversary of Kuumba (#Kuumba20), taking place February 6-8, through performance and dance workshops. Kuumba is part of the TD Then & Now Black History Month Series. Esie’s unique gift, connecting an audience’s …

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BADBADNOTGOOD brings jazz and hip-hop renditions of new songs and old

The trio of Matthew A. Tavares, Chester Hansen and Alex Sowinski originated in Toronto at Humber College’s Music Performance program. They gained fame when they re-arranged songs from Odd Future into a jazz medley and uploaded it on to YouTube. It garnered thousands of views and recognition from Odd Future member Tyler, The Creator himself.

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Q-Rock the Toronto Bronx Native

Hip hop culture has always been open to the integration of different musical styles, techniques, genres, developments and changes. Widely recognized as a powerful and universal tool for unifying people of all classes, ages and races, the culture has seen different people from all over the globe use it as a form of expression, empowerment and communication. MC/dancer Q-Rock has used the five elements to infuse his culturally rich music and unique perspective, as a Nipissing, Ontario native, into the urban scene.

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Lyrical showdown at HarbourKIDS

Man v.s. bear. Bond v.s. Bond. Obama v.s. Romney. Those are just a few of the epic rhyme battles that have taken place at Comedy Bar, NOW magazine’s Best Comedy Club in Toronto two years running.

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Hey Canada, Wab Kinew wouldn’t mind being “your man on the side”

For this “man on the side thing” to work, Canada, Wab Kinew has five things Canadians have to stop saying about his people. Go to www.harbourfrontcentre.com/planetindigenus to find out what these five things are. In the meantime, let’s stray back to the idea of Wab Kinew as “man on the side.”

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Planet IndigenUS – Kinnie Starr

Kinnie Starr is difficult to pindown. Her songs range from folk to hip hop to rock to pop. She’s a visual artist and poet. She’s tried her hand at acting, portraying the rise and fall of a Portland rock star in Down and Out with the Dolls. She’s also a producer and has been praised for her work on Digging …

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Plex and Planet IndigenUS

Edmonton-born, Plex has been a musical trailblazer for aboriginal artists for years. With his conscious and thought provoking lyricism, which he uses to provide insight into Aboriginal issues, Plex has been leading the native community while at the same time carving a place for himself with his music.

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Soundclash Interviews: Rich Kidd

From Stylus awards to tours with acts such as DJ Mensa to Juno nominated production with artists like Drake and K-OS, Rich Kidd has carved a deep and extensive mark for himself in the hip hop community.

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Hip Hop Karaoke comes to the Redpath Stage!

What’s your favourite Canadian Hip Hop Song? This Canada Day as Hip Hop Karaoke comes to the Redpath Stage! We recently had a chance to talk with DJ’s Numeric and Ted Dancin’ about how it all got started…

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